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This is brilliant! My daughter started home education earlier this year and really struggled with maths at junior school but not now. She finds the lessons very easy to understand and enjoys working through the programme and it takes the pressure of us as parents.

Well done!!!

Colin, North Yorkshire

Conquers Math assisted me in passing my Police exam, and since that time, I have informed others of this site, and it has been incorporated in a Canadian classroom and a classroom in Britain….it is an excellent site for development….

Jason, Canada

A truly excellent program which a good value for money. I had a real fear of Maths until I found your site. I no longer have that fear and actually enjoy Maths now. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in a similar situation.

Marian, UK

Very impressed so far! Got two home educated teens, who HATE maths, but they’re understanding the lessons and like the challenge of getting 100% first attempt! I can monitor their progress too! Thanks, Conquermaths.

Helen, UK

I think conquer maths is brilliant and my daughter is enjoying the work and beginning to relax and enjoy maths when other education centres had her pulling her hair out with frustration finally something she can do at her own pace and in her own even doing maths alongside her as I never got my maths.we are both enjoying conquer maths.

Stephanie, Greater Manchester

I wish this had been around when I was a student. An excellent addition to workbooks and class work.

Manteuffel, UK

I really loved conquer maths, fantastic system, helped my children a lot, would recommend every parent. in my opinion better than one to one teaching method, as it is there for you when ever you need, looking after your pocket as well.

Abdiasis, London

Excellent Service, helps me keep up top date with my childs homework.

Mohammad, Oldham

My son enjoys these and always wants to do more whenever we do a session.
I think they are easy to follow and well explained.

Lynda, Witton Gilbert

I absolutely love this app. I wanted to revise my maths skills inorder to help my year 8 son. But it has inspired me to study and sit my A Level exam.

Nicki, Harlow

Dear Conquer Maths Team
I would like to say that my child, who is Dislexic, and has great difficulty in embracing abstract concepts, simply loves your website, the way in which the lessons are presented. It gives my daughter great sense of achievement each time she gets it right on the questions. It is a great teaching tool and we love it! Thank you so much!

Heloisa, Jersey, UK

highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with maths – parents and children alike. Has made a huge difference to the confidence with which we approach maths!

Deborah, Sussex

My son has just been introduced to this site via his school. He is due to take GCSE mocks next month and it will be very useful additional revision with instant response to questions so one can check mistakes very easily and hopefully learn from mistakes. Also very good for me, as an adult, to test my retention of maths since my school day.s

Katie, South Yorkshire

Fabulous site. With the help of conquer maths, I taught myself GCSE Maths over 10 weeks, and passed my equivalence test first time.

Janet, UK

My son Jamie’s home-educated and has used ConquerMaths since he was 11 and it’s been brilliant! He’s dyslexic so its perfect for him. He just got a Grade ‘B’ GCSE aged only 13! Thank you so much ConquerMaths team!

Julia, UK

I have home schooled my son for 3 years now and this website has helped me plan lesson keep on track with the national expectations,and has been fun and enjoyable to use.Thanks

Josephine, Surrey

What an excellent and easy to understand approach! Conquermaths has been so useful in preparing for IGCSE maths exams. We would recoomend it highly.

Kym, Devon

First day I can see how this is going to work so well for both me and my children. I hope that using a little every day my children will soon move to the top of the class. Wish you had a lesson in English too.

Graham, Ashford Kent

Thank you very much. It’s really great website and the most popular between homeschooling families in London. I’m ending the membership just because my son got till KS3 and we are going to buy a CD for that in September or October. All the lessons and exercises are suitable and clear for kids, as well as providing a challenge sometimes. Thank you for this website – a huge help to lots of families.

Kristina, London

I LOVE Conquer Maths. It makes Home Schooling with my 10 year old possible. The LEA were impressed with the course and the fact that I have records of what she studied and when.

Stephanie, Gloucester, UK

brilliant, I am a homeschooling parent, and am not good at maths. so this is a brilliant site, would love conquer English next!!!!

Anne, Harrow

Absolutely fantastic website, really helped me out in my maths. I got this so i could take my maths test for the Royal Navy, and i’m pleased to report i’ve passed! They’ve plenty of websites that help you, but ive found conquermaths offers more in lessons, and better yet, explains the question and the answer. Really good value for money, excellent questions with plenty of topics too choose from.

Conor, Yorkshire

My daughter and I are so pleased to have found this site. Its great! It is really helping us to cover the work required for her Maths GCSE, and we are both thoroughly enjoying using the programme. For the first time, my daughter really feels that she is beginning to understand what she is learning and is gaining more confidence every day.

Sue, Warwick

Thankyou! Suddenly it all made sense! Conquer Maths helped me to pass the Maths entry exam for a Nursing degree. A brilliant website.

Bethan, UK

Finally I understand maths. The lessons are clear and just the right length of time. I wish this had been available when I was a child, my son has made excellent progress using conquer maths.

Lucia, Kent, UK

Just thought you would like to share our joy.

Pete and I have been away for six weeks (Well earned holiday!) and have returned to discover that two of our “special” children have passed GCSE Maths (Shapes, Space and Measures) with an astounding grade B for one, and a grade C for the other.

We are intoxicated with joy on behalf of these two children. You have no idea what a triumph this is for them. Actually – you probably do, don’t you! 🙂


With huge gratitude, admiration, and respect,
Janet & Pete

Janet, Dorset, UK

Ive tried different maths packages. Most are great but Conquer Maths is better because it provides a professional presentation of how to understand various topics in a coherent and fun way and follows it through with a series of questions.

Nic, Edinburgh

We love Conquer Maths, it is a very user friendly site, the lessons are thought out and presented very well and are made enjoyable and accessible for all of us to further our maths knowledge. We home educate and find this a really good resource. Would love a conquer English and science too if you guys ever get the time. Thanks for a great package well worth it.

Pippa, Taunton, Somerset

We love Conquer Maths! We use it for both of our home educated children. It’s not gimmicky or full of unnecessary graphics to hold the students’ attention. It’s straightforward with clear explanations, and the lessons are just the right length. Thank you, and well done for the great customer service too!

Nadia, Ramsgate

conquermaths is a relief for me as a parent who is homeschooling. I have peace of mind that my children are learning what is required of them at their age and the best thing is, they actually enjoy it!

Hanifa, Home

I am using this website for one year I really appreciate the development , teaching lessons , question selections . one can add sats attempts as well the will boost this web site.
I highly recommend this for parents who find hard to teach kids in their language which is familiar to them .

Anila, UK

this website is amazing . it helped me face all my difficulties along with games lessons videos and tests

Anushka, Eastcote

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