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Achieve more quickly with ConquerMaths and build confidence in your maths ability

Thankyou! Suddenly it all made sense! Conquer Maths helped me to pass the Maths entry exam for a Nursing degree. A brilliant website.
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Conquers Math assisted me in passing my Police exam, and since that time, I have informed others of this site, and it has been incorporated in a Canadian classroom and a classroom in Britain…it is an excellent site for development.
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I've tried different maths packages. Most are great but Conquer Maths is better because it provides a professional presentation of how to understand various topics in a coherent and fun way and follows it through with a series of questions.
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Edinburgh, UK
I absolutely love this app. I wanted to revise my maths skills in order to help my year 8 son. But it has inspired me to study and sit my A Level exam.
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Harlow, UK
This website is amazing. It helped me face all my difficulties along with games lessons videos and tests
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Eastcote, UK
Absolutely fantastic website, really helped me out in my maths. I got this so i could take my maths test for the Royal Navy, and i’m pleased to report i’ve passed! They’ve plenty of websites that help you, but ive found conquermaths offers more in lessons, and better yet, explains the question and the answer. Really good value for money, excellent questions with plenty of topics too choose from.
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Yorkshire, UK

See rapid improvements in children's attitude, ability and confidence in maths and beyond

This is brilliant! My daughter started home education earlier this year and really struggled with maths at junior school but not now. She finds the lessons very easy to understand and enjoys working through the programme and it takes the pressure of us as parents.

Well done!!!
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North Yorkshire, UK
Highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with maths – parents and children alike. Has made a huge difference to the confidence with which we approach maths!
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Sussex, UK
Very impressed so far! Got two home educated teens, who HATE maths, but they’re understanding the lessons and like the challenge of getting 100% first attempt! I can monitor their progress too! Thanks, ConquerMaths.
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I LOVE ConquerMaths. It makes Home Schooling with my 10 year old possible. The LEA were impressed with the course and the fact that I have records of what she studied and when.
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Gloucester, UK
I would like to say that my child, who is Dyslexic, and has great difficulty in embracing abstract concepts, simply loves your website, the way in which the lessons are presented. It gives my daughter great sense of achievement each time she gets it right on the questions. It is a great teaching tool and we love it! Thank you so much!
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Jersey, UK

Save time, leverage your teaching and differentiate your students in more powerful ways

There is no way that I could teach/mark a class efficiently in all the areas and to all the levels that they presently achieve - nor could the children produce the amount of work as successfully as they do through Conquer Maths - their files are bulging!
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L. Wood
Newnham Junior School, UK
Pupils who have experienced difficulties have used the program and revise a previous year group. This has encouraged them to practise using the different exercises on a regular basis. Other pupils have used the program at home and taken challenges of a year ahead of them. There has been improvement from both groups.
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T. Lemon
The Cavendish School, UK
I have already recommended ConquerMaths to other special needs schools in County Durham; as it allows mixed ability teaching in mathematics. We see improved GCSE results at the higher grades. We are able to differentiate more within the lesson for different levels of ability.
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L. Emerson
The Oaks School, UK
It is a great homework support which is constructed to teach the children, making it another teacher using a different way of explaining a similar thing. The teacher can refer to what they have learnt on Conquer Maths and children say, "Yes, I understand and can do this because of ConquerMaths."
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A. Clayton
Rudgwick Primary School, UK
I find it very user friendly, can be used individually with the areas of Maths broken down into smaller chunks to build a foundation in knowledge. Very easy video tutorials which give a great visual/verbal representation of mathematical processes.
Online Maths Tutor
A. King
Littleover Community School, UK
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