Transform Maths Education and Empower Teachers with ConquerMaths

Improve Delivery, Reduce Workload

Streamline school maths teaching with a comprehensive programme of clear video tutorials, aligned worksheets, and interactive questions, reducing your planning and assessment workload.

Differentiate Students with Ease

Accommodate diverse learning levels with flexible assignments tailored to individual abilities, supporting struggling students, challenging high-achievers, and providing targeted practice for all.

Monitor and Enhance Progress

Gain invaluable insights into student progress with detailed reports, enhancing parent-teacher meetings and enabling effective tracking of growth, improvement, and communication.

Online Maths Tutor
Why ConquerMaths?

Elevate Your Maths Lessons: Enhance Learning with ConquerMaths

Introducing ConquerMaths, the ultimate maths teaching programme designed to enhance and reinforce your classroom instruction. 

Trusted by tens of thousands of teachers worldwide, this innovative tool is set to revolutionise the way you teach maths.

ConquerMaths has been supporting schools and teachers in the UK for 20 years.

It will give your students 24/7 access to top class online maths tuition, and it will save you hours of time planning and delivering lessons

Online Maths Tutor
Online Maths Tutor
Online Maths Tutor

Here's what you can expect from ConquerMaths:

  1. Engaging Video Tutorials: ConquerMths provides clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow video tutorials. These tutorials ensure that your students grasp the concepts before moving on to practice exercises. With ConquerMaths, understanding maths becomes a breeze.
  2. Aligned Worksheets and Interactive Questions: The programme offers worksheets and interactive questions that directly correspond to the video tutorials. This cohesive approach reinforces the concepts learned, enabling students to apply their knowledge effectively.
  3. Flexible Assignment Options: Setting work for your students is a breeze with ConquerMaths. Whether in the classroom or at home, you can easily assign tasks tailored to individual students’ needs. The programme excels in differentiation, allowing you to support struggling students, challenge high-achievers, and keep every student engaged.
  4. Comprehensive Progress Reports: Our extensive reporting system provides invaluable insights into your students’ progress. These reports are particularly useful during parent-teacher meetings, enabling you to effectively communicate each student’s strengths and areas for improvement. With ConquerMaths, monitoring student growth is effortless.
  5. Streamlined Planning and Assessment: Say goodbye to overwhelming planning and assessment workloads. ConquerMaths simplifies the process by providing in-depth video explanations that eliminate the need to “dumb down” concepts. Our concise and accessible explanations empower both you and your students to grasp complex mathematical ideas effortlessly.

Clear explanations of complex concepts for a better understanding

We never dumb down what's being taught - we just make it so much simpler to understand. The tutorial explanations are presented clearly and concisely, increasing pupil engagement with better learning outcomes.

Teachers find the videos particularly beneficial in the following scenarios:

  1. Supporting struggling students: The videos offer additional time and clarity to help students who may be struggling with understanding the classroom material.
  2. Catching up after absences: Students who have missed lessons can benefit from the videos as they provide a way to bridge the gap and catch up on missed work.
  3. Reinforcing instructions for confident students: Even for students who are already confident, the videos serve as a valuable resource for reviewing explicit instructions and reinforcing their understanding.
  4. Enriching advanced learners: The videos allow quicker completion of assigned work for more able students, freeing up their time for engaging in problem-solving and extension activities.
  5. Reviewing for assessments: Prior to tests and exams, students can utilize the videos to revisit earlier concepts, providing them with more time for practice and effective studying.

Teachers love using ConquerMaths

It saves them time, lets them help more children, and helps each child learn at their own pace, and taps into all learning styles

“Excellent website. It introduces a variety of new methods and saves hours of planning because there are ready made lessons available at the touch of a button. “

“Allows student to study outside lessons. Aids differentiation when I have a class of very mixed ability students.”

“Children can access ConquerMaths as part of homework and intervention tasks. It has helped to improved specific skills and the introductory videos help to support the understanding of the skills involved.”

“There is no way that I could teach/mark a class efficiently in all the areas and to all the levels that they presently achieve – nor could the children produce the amount of work as successfully as they do through ConquerMaths – their files are bulging!”

“Pupils who have experienced difficulties have used the program and revise a previous year group. This has encouraged them to practise using the different exercises on a regular basis. Other pupils have used the program at home and taken challenges of a year ahead of them. There has been improvement from both groups.”

“I find it very user friendly, can be used individually with the areas of Maths broken down into smaller chunks to build a foundation in knowledge. Very easy video tutorials which give a great visual/verbal representation of mathematical processes.”

“It marks the homework for you and makes it easy to identify what areas students need to work on.”

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