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The ConquerMaths curriculum is very flexible and easy to customise to match to your own Scheme of Work. The professional Diagnostic, Assessment and Task-setting tools will support Teaching and Learning and help in monitoring progress. Pupils can access 1,200+ video tutorials and assessments of unrivalled quality to fill gaps in their knowledge.

What’s inside the box

  Schemes of Work

ConquerMaths includes a powerful Curriculum Designer…

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…so that you can customise and arrange the resources to match your own teaching.  Individuals or groups of students within a class can also have tailored schemes of work to provide reinforcement or more challenge.

  Track success

Multiple reporting formats enable the progress…

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…of an individual or class to be easily monitored so that appropriate interventions can then be tailored to needs. Data is downloadable into Excel for manipulation and bespoke reporting. This can save hours of time for teachers.

  Setting and marking tasks

Substantially reduce workloads by using ConquerMaths…

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…to set and automatically mark homework and generate full solutions. If desired, every pupil can receive a bespoke set of questions and activities.

Overview for Schools

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