Press & Media

ConquerMaths in the Caribbean - Tv and Newspaper

ConquerMaths has been shown to increase improvement in maths by a staggering 54%!

Virtual tutor boosts exam results - BBC News

A Teesside school has doubled its pass rate for GCSE maths by using a virtual teacher to help pupils

Teach Secondary Review

A review by TeachSecondary writer John Dabell detailing his excellent experiences of ConquerMaths and the positive effect it’s had on children.

Guardian newspaper - Repairing UK maths education

A review by the Guardian newspaper showing the growing success of ConquerMaths from its infancy and the constant refinement ConquerMaths goes through.

Business & Industry Today Company of the Year

Business and Industry bestow ConquerMaths with Company Of The Year and describe the ConquerMaths roots to the successful and beneficial Company it is today.

Society & Living, Excellence in Education

Magazine Society & Living reward ConquerMaths with the prestigious Educational Commitment to Excellence

Business & Industry Today Company of the Year Certificate

The Certificate awarded to ConquerMaths

Best Practice magazine

Article written by magazine Best Practice detailing ConquerMaths and its ability to help students diagnose problems and the success this has had.

Best Practice magazine

A short article detailing ConquerMaths popularity among Home Educators and Schools and the overall large userbase of 1.25 million students and schools worldwide.

TEEM - ConquerMaths Review

ConquerMaths and how it works as a beneficial tool in both the home and classroom.

Amazing success - Sunday Mercury

ConquerMaths helping Selly Oak Trust, a school with learning difficulties, getting GCSE passes.

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