Maths from KS1 to KS4 for any child

More effective in less time

Build confidence at every step with ConquerMaths. Children can achieve Mastery through the comprehensive package of diagnostic tests, beautifully explained video tutorials and instant feedback on attainment.

Over 17 years, our families report uplifting experiences, a can-do attitude and dramatically improved school results.

Helping with Maths doesn’t have to be hard work for parents. With our careful narrations children learn fast.

2 week money-back guarantee for all users.

Perfect for young families

Award-winning for all ages and abilities
Diagnostic Tests identify focus areas
1,200+ Videos each with an Assessment
Detailed automatic reporting

Why Parents love ConquerMaths

  Ideal for families

Learning at the best time and at the right pace with our Lessons-on-Demand.

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Simple but brilliant explanations are given by an outstanding teacher through 1,200 KS1-KS4 tutorials. Your child will learn quickly.

  Help with homework?

Instantly find the right lesson with the ConquerMaths Search function.

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Before or after dinner? You needn’t put it off. Problem solved in less than 5 minutes.

  Identify needs

Diagnostic tests for each topic discovers personalised areas for your child’s focus.

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Using the detailed Results Report and Task Setting functions, you can set a sequence of lessons to secure improvement. Awesome!

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