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ConquerMaths is your online library for All-School maths. Perfect for those moments of challenge, ConquerMaths’ simple explanations of all the core methods in maths can improve children’s understanding and confidence, or take their interest to a higher level. is the UK’s No.1 home education tool. Children can self-serve from 1,200 Beautifully Explained online maths lessons according to their need. Every child is challenged with a huge bank of auto-marked questions and can earn certificates. Parents have a birds-eye view through multiple report formats.

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 Perfect for Parents and Carers

  • Award-winning for home use
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • 1,200 tutorial videos
  • Assessment reporting
  • Huge bank of auto-marked questions. at home and at school


No pressure

ConquerMaths covers the UK curriculum from Reception (age 4) right up to A-Level (age 18) with step by step 5-minute video lessons. Each lesson is presented with perfect clarity, using high quality images and animations, with narration and careful explanations by an outstanding teacher.


Adapts to need

Diagnostic tests at the beginning of most topics generate questions relevant to the pupil’s ability and identify personalised areas for improvement. At the end of the test a clear report suggests a sequence of specific video lessons tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil.



Pupils can quickly find help and support on homework tasks presenting difficulty. Users can search for taught lessons on the topic or method in question, and go through a process of recap. It is easy for parents to assist.


Track success

Multiple reporting formats enable parents to view progress. Automatically egnerated emails can be switched on to view progress without any further intervention.


Parental involvement

Studies show that when parents are involved in their children’s education, those children learn and perform better. ConquerMaths provides parents with detailed access to their children’s progress. They can elect to receive an automated weekly email report with full records of time spent, activity and performance. Many parents even start improving their own maths alongside their children!


Self-paced learning

Pupils using ConquerMaths can control the timing of their learning at a pace that is comfortable to them. They can accelerate through the curriculum when they’re confident, or they can work steadily through difficult topics to build confidence. ConquerMaths uses the mastery method to ensure excellent knowledge and retention of each topic.


Develop Mastery

Understanding of each topic is tested in an age appropriate manner. Randomly generated on-screen questions and activities ensure that every concept is fully absorbed and retained. Exam style worksheets ensure that each child is fully prepared for exams.

ConquerMaths uses the mastery method which encourages children to complete each lesson to a specified level before progressing. The pass level can be adjusted for different learners, classes or globally.


Need help? Our staff are on hand to help you in any way they can, however we also have some handy user guides that go over basic functions for both Parents and Students!

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