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The Most Complete Home Schooling Maths Curriculum

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Online Maths Tutor
Learn Maths at Your Own Pace

Diagnoses gaps in knowledge

Teaches step-by-step with 5 min videos

Interactively assesses understanding

Keeps detailed records of achievement

Provides awards & encouragement

Online Maths Tutor
About us

Award-winning Home Ed Maths

Welcome to ConquerMaths, the premier online maths tutor for Home Schooling!

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to helping children excel in mathematics.

This award-winning platform has empowered students nationwide to conquer the challenges of maths. Trusted by thousands of Home Educators around the world.

At ConquerMaths, we understand that every child has their own unique learning style and pace. That’s why our innovative online tutoring system allows children to learn at their own speed, removing pressure.

Parents can track progress and performance in real-time through ConquerMaths’ reporting tools. This allows for better monitoring of learning outcomes and provides easily accessible evidence and verification of effective home schooling.

With our interactive lessons and personalised approach, we ensure that students grasp mathematical concepts effectively and build a strong foundation.

As the leading online maths tutor, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum, aligned to the National Curriculum that covers all aspects of maths education so you can be confident you’re not missing any topics during your teaching.

The platform provides engaging video tutorials, interactive resources, and practice exercises. Students can explore and revisit topics as needed, reinforcing their understanding and boosting their confidence.

Our commitment to academic success has made us a trusted choice for parents and educators across the UK.

Online Maths Tutor
Maths for All Ages

Covers the Curriculum from Reception to A-Level

Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4

Online Maths Tutor


Ensures all the foundations of maths are in place. Taught by a friendly and experienced maths teacher.

Online Maths Tutor


The same excellent teacher guides learners through more complex topics, step-by-step and without pressure.

Online Maths Tutor


Prepare for SATs, GCSEs or A-Levels with all the guidance and practice you need to smash it!

Maths made easy

Stimulates all learning styles

Whether you prefer visual learning, audio descriptions, or hands-on problem solving, ConquerMaths has you covered with its simultaneous triple hit effect.


Clear animation presents maths concepts in simple, easy to understand chunks


Everything is explained by an excellent teacher with decades of experience


Hands on exercises and activities bolster cognitive development and build self-confidence

Online Maths Tutor

I can’t say enough about how great this site is for understanding maths. I am home schooling my son and ConquerMaths has helped he and I so much. The fantastic videos breakdown maths in such simplistic terms and the questions come with step-by-step solutions not just answers. 10/10 I could not possibly give it anything less!


Home Educating Parent, Berkshire

Online Maths Tuition

Designed to help all ages to realise their potential

What parents say
Online Maths Tutor
Pete and I have been away for six weeks and have returned to discover that two of our “special” children have passed GCSE Maths with an astounding grade B for one, and a grade C for the other.

We are intoxicated with joy on behalf of these two children. You have no idea what a triumph this is for them!
Janet & Pete
Dorset, UK

Helping everyone to achieve success

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