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Why ConquerMaths?

The best maths learning experience

ConquerMaths is an exceptional platform for learning maths due to its tailored approach and adaptive learning plans.

With its comprehensive curriculum, interactive assessments, and personalised recommendations, ConquerMaths effectively addresses individual learning needs rapidly and fills knowledge gaps.

The platform's engaging lessons and videos promote conceptual understanding, while its interactive nature enhances student engagement.

By combining flexibility, accuracy, and a student-centered approach, ConquerMaths offers an effective and enjoyable way to master maths concepts and achieve academic success.

Holistic approach

Go beyond simply memorising equations and understand the true meaning and beauty of maths and how it can be used in real world situations.

Passionate teaching

Pat Murray is an exceptional teacher with decades of experience in the classroom. He aims to reach every learner and make maths accessible to all.

Exceptional Performance

ConquerMaths students perform better in lessons, tests and exams. Maths haters become maths lovers and exciting new opportunities open up.



Uncover, Improve, Excel!

Unlock your full potential by leveraging ConquerMaths' cutting-edge diagnostic tests. Our interactive questions and activities pinpoint your areas of weakness with precision, empowering you to bridge the gaps in your maths knowledge.


Video Tutorials

ConquerMaths' video tutorials are clear, professional and concise. They teach topics in just a few minutes and allow the learner to stop and rewind the teacher.

The whole National Curriculum is covered by an exceptional teacher in beautiful clarity.


Questions & Activities

Each lesson includes a set of interactive questions or a printable exam-style worksheet.

Questions are dynamically generated so each attempt will include a new set of activities to practice.



These high-quality worksheets provide additional practice, reinforce key concepts, and promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

By encouraging best practice, learners will understand the correct way to answer in tests and exams and how to show their workings.


Worked Solutions

ConquerMaths offers detailed worked solutions for each problem, ensuring students understand the steps and reasoning behind the answers.

These worked solutions serve as valuable learning resources, providing step-by-step clarity and guidance in problem-solving techniques, particularly when getting to grips with challenging questions.


Marking & Reports

ConquerMaths provides ongoing progress reports, offering real-time insights into students' performance and learning progress.

These reports enable teachers and parents to track individual strengths, identify areas for improvement, and tailor their instructional support accordingly. They also help students to optimise their revision in the lead up to exams.

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