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Where do I start?

It’s usually best to start with a recently studied topic. Browse the menu or use the search box to find the most appropriate area.

Gauge your understanding of the topic using the Diagnostic Tests. These will help to identify Video Tutorials and Activities specific to needs.

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How can I learn a whole maths lesson in 5 minutes?

Our curriculum covers ages 4 to 18 with engaging video tutorials led by a supportive teacher. Concepts are presented clearly and concisely for easy understanding.

With distractions removed, lessons take just 5 minutes on average.

Learners can pause and rewind the teacher to learn at their own pace and fully grasp the material.

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How do I answer the on-screen questions?

The on-screen questions and activities are dynamically generated so you can check your understanding as many times as needed without repetition.

There are different types of activities. Some simply require the answer to be typed in, others are drag and drop and some use on-screen tools you can control and manipulate to help calculate the answer.

Many questions can be read out loud for accessibility and reinforcement.

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How do I use the worksheets?

ConquerMaths secondary lessons offer optional printable worksheets with exam-style questions, promoting traditional best practices and written working. The answers, presented as multiple-choice options, are provided on the worksheet.

Upon completing the questions, learners input their answers using the corresponding letters and receive instant feedback. If the lesson is passed or if the pass rate isn't reached after a specified number of attempts, printable worked solutions are provided to identify errors.

To prevent future mistakes, learners can rewatch the video.

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Where do I start?

PLEASE NOTE: Progress reports are not available in Guest accounts

In a full account, a suite of reports is available to learners under the ‘Results’ tab.

Parents, guardians and teachers can access a full suite of reports and analytical tools through the Parent or Teacher areas.

The data from ConquerMaths reports can be downloaded as PDF’s or as raw data to view and manipulate within spreadsheet software such as Excel.

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Get more with a full membership...

1. All results, progress and achiement is recorded
2. Access over 1,200 video lessons covering the curriculum for all ages
3. Win and print certificates and awards
4. Set tasks or homework to complete at a later date
5. Receive weekly email reports
6. Extend your account to store progress and results for more learners
7. Unrestricted access to everything 24/7

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