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Video Tutorials

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Makes maths easy to understand

Clear, spoken explanations

Short, engaging, to the point – improves clarity and focus

Pause, rewind or repeat a maths lesson until they really get it

Learn maths much faster by seeing and hearing at the same time

Learn without stress at home in their own time

Catch up on maths lessons missed or not fully understood

Interactive Questions

Interactive Fractions
Tests how well the video lesson was understood

Engaging and immediate feedback given

Increased difficulty levels to match progress

Automatically marked and recorded

Huge variety of questions – great for quick revision too

Increases confidence

Kinaesthetic learning – actually doing the maths!

Worksheets & Solutions

Composite Shapes worksheet
Tests how well the video lesson was understood

Encourages the traditional pen-and-paper

Improves ability to set work out in clear, logical steps

Essential skill to achieve top marks in written tests

Worked solutions great for learning too

Automatically marked and recorded

Can save progress and come back later if needed


Ongoing progress reports

Helps you identify weaker areas requiring further study

Instantly see areas where more review is needed

Every lesson is recorded and results stored

Detailed, easy-to-understand statistical information

When they passed and what score

Shows how much time and effort put in


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Steph, Parent, UK

Thanks to ConquerMaths, my son has passed his GCSE Maths with an A* one year early!
Mr Ballantyne, Parent, UK

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