1. Self paced mastery learning

Learners who study with ConquerMaths are fully in control of the pace of their learning. They can accelerate through the curriculum when they’re confident, or they can work steadily through difficult topics to build confidence. ConquerMaths allows each learner to work at a pace comfortable to them. ConquerMaths uses the mastery method to ensure excellent knowledge and retention of each topic.

2. Adapts to individual needs

Most people don't know what they don’t know (and who does know what they don’t know!) or what's holding them back. By taking a ConquerMaths diagnostic test found at the beginning of most topics, they'll be asked questions relevant to their level of ability to hone in on any areas where study should be focused. At the end of the test a clear report suggests video lessons specific to the needs of the learner.

3. Guidance without the pressure

ConquerMaths covers the curriculum from Reception (age 4) right up to A-Level (age 18) with step by step 5 minute video lessons. Each lesson is presented concisely using clear animations synchronised with the voice of a really good teacher.

4. Ensuring a solid understanding

Each lesson is tested in an age appropriate manner. Randomly generated onscreen questions and activities make sure every lesson is absorbed and retained. Exam style worksheets make sure each individual is fully prepared for exams.

ConquerMaths uses the mastery method which encourages children to complete each lesson to a specified level before progressing. The pass level can be adjusted for different learners, classes or globally.

5. Track their success

All work completed and everything each learner does in ConquerMaths is tracked. Through a suite of reports in the 'Teacher Area', you can monitor individual or group progress and spot any areas where for intervention or additional work. All data is downloadable so that you can manipulate it how you wish in Excel.

Save hours of time automating monotonous and repetitive reporting and marking.

6. Set homework tasks

Save time by using ConquerMaths to set and automatically mark homework. Every learner receives a unique set of questions and activities based on the work you set so there is no risk of copying. Accurate measurement every time!

7. Align to your own teaching

ConquerMaths includes a powerful curriculum designer so that you can arrange resources to match your own teaching, or in a specific scheme for individuals or groups of students. After all, you don't want Little Johhny in Year 6 to feel demoralised because he's still working through Year 5 topics!

8. Improve parental involvement

Our experience shows that when parents are involved in their children's learning, those children perform better. ConquerMaths give you the ability to provide parents with access to their children's progress. They can even elect to receive an automated weekly email report showing activity an performance. Many parents even start improving their maths alongside their children!