1. Now you're in control!

Learners who study with ConquerMaths are fully in control of their own learning. They can accelerate through the curriculum when they’re confident, or they can work steadily through difficult topics to build confidence. ConquerMaths allows each learner to work at a pace comfortable to them.

2. Adapts to individual needs

Most people don't know what they don’t know (and who does know what they don’t know!) or what's holding them back. By taking a ConquerMaths diagnostic test found at the beginning of most topics, they'll be asked questions relevant to their level of ability to hone in on any areas where study should be focused. At the end of the test a clear report suggests video lessons specific to the needs of the learner.

3. Learn without the pressure

ConquerMaths covers the curriculum from Reception (age 4) right up to A-Level (age 18) with step by step 5 minute video lessons. Each lesson is presented concisely using clear animations synchronised with the voice of a really good teacher.

4. Never forget a thing!

Each lesson is tested in an age appropriate manner. Randomly generated onscreen questions and activities make sure every lesson is absorbed and retained. Exam style worksheets make sure you’re super prepared for those inevitable exams.

5. Time for a pat on the back :)

All work completed and everything the learner does in ConquerMaths is tracked so that you can monitor their progress through the 'Parent Area' and see any areas where they need to concentrate their efforts. You can download, print and show off certificates of achievement earned for each topic they complete and proudly display them on the wall or fridge. They can see precisely where they need to focus their revision before important exams that will shape the future.