Wow! Recent Feedback On ConquerMaths

15th October 2017

Star Comment: “I adore conquer maths because it means i have time to really think about my answer instead of someone telling me to hurry.”

Amelia age 9, Student, Surrey

We thought we'd feature some of the feedback that we have been delighted to receive in recent months as it's been a while. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write and tell us just how much they love working with ConquerMaths and why it works so well for them. It's always great to hear from parents, homeschoolers and teachers as well as our students and we hope you all continue thriving with the program.

“Hi. I just wanted to thank conquermaths for making math so much fun. Sometimes it's a challenge but it's fun. Thanks, Abigail”

Abi, Student, Karmiel

“We use conquermaths for our home school. My year 1 child took a little while to get used to it, but it helped that he could listen to the questions as well as read them. Now he is passing his tests with flying colours and is almost ready to move onto year 2. I love the fact that there are no distracting and dodgy characters and music! Keep up the great work!”

Wendy Forrester, Teacher, Nottingham

“I have just been getting to know how the site works and done a few lessons. The user guide is really useful as by working my way through it i was able to get a good overview of what i am able to do with the site and have just set my first task for my class. So excited to get started.”

Ethel, Teacher, Bridgend

“I like conquer maths.”

Joshua, Student, Swindon

“Conquer maths has boosted my maths and helped me get good grades.”

Safiyyah, Student, London

"My son enjoys conquermaths. As a homeschooler this has been great for us, if it wasn't for this program maths would have been hard for me to teach."

Alima, Parent, London


Daniel, Parent, Immingham

“I love conquer maths it has helped me a lot to become an independent maths learner. After doing conquer maths in my tests i get 100%. Without conquer maths i would never be where i am right now. I would recommend this to anyone age 4-18. “

Melat, Student, London

“I love conquer maths!!!!!!! It is really fun and easy i really enjoy doing the lessons and getting the awards.”

Esther, Student, Middlesbrough

“Great help! Sometimes i felt i want to give up!! But conquer maths has helped me achieve and progress at my own level and pace.”

Amelia, Student, Thames Ditton

“I love conquer maths. It has helped me throughout my years.”

Zara, Student, Feltham

“It is very good and really helps me learn. I think the speed skills are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Samuel, Student, Karmiel

“Thank you so much conquer maths you helped me get through my sats and im pretty sure i got a good score ill continue to use conquer maths in the future. :) “

Person, Student, Derby

“Love this website! Great to learn on.”

Jo, Student, Anonymous

“I really enjoy conquer maths! Its lots of fun.”

Sam, Student, Anonymous

Reviews from

“I home school my Son and needed a maths site for him that not only tested his knowledge but taught him how to work things out too. He also enjoys using the site, which is always a bonus!”

Marie G

“So much cheaper than a tutor. My child finds the lessons explained easily so she understands. If we don't get it first time we watch the tutorials together until she does understand. She does approx 1 lesson a day which takes around 10 mins to complete then she's free to do whatever. She is on KS4 and is 12. I also used this site to do my GCSE a couple of years ago. I reccommend this site to everyone especially if their child is finding maths difficult. So thank you for providing an excellent site.”

Amanda J

“When I sore conquer maths I new it was going to be the best when I told my 11 year old and my 9 year old they wear so exited to start and now I look back and I think Im a happy mom.”


“Comprehensive, supportive and wonderful website, kids enjoy working with conquermaths.”

Mrs D

“I love conquer math and I know my kids are really benefiting from it, my 8yr old was a bit shaky on math but now its ace!!!”   


“I love conquer maths, my 11 year old is always full of joy when I ask her to spend 20 mns on it every day!! great stuff for kids who need to learn maths, it is simple and very easy to use... the tutorial helps a lot!!!”

Sarah A