Some Of The Most Absurd Maths Limericks 2017

4th September 2017

Below is a famous maths limerick from Leigh Mercer, from 1980, it's so neat in it's simplicity and we love it. We thought for a change from riddles this month we'd bring you some classic mathematical limericks from over the years. We hope you enjoy them and they inject a little extra fun into the first weeks of term!

"A dozen, a gross, and a score,
Plus three times the square root of four,
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine-squared, and not a bit more!"

"To find the square root of a third,
Is clearly extremely absurd.
Every math student knows,
The way that it goes:
You' ll always end up with a surd."

"There was an old man who said, “Do
Tell me how I’m to add two and two!
I’m not very sure
That it does not make four,
But I fear that is almost too few.”

J.A. Lindon points out that 1264853971.2758463 is a limerick:

"One thousand two hundred and sixty
four million eight hundred and fifty
three thousand nine hun-
dred and seventy one
point two seven five eight four six three."

"A mathematician confided
That the Mobius band is one-sided
And you’ll get quite a laugh
If you cut one in half
‘Cause it stays in one piece when divided."

"Two framed pictures on the wall.
In one you see nothing at all.
The other a zero,
Quite real and so,
Not ‘nothing’; it’s a number after all!"

By Harvey L. Carter:

"Tis a favourite project of mine
A new value of π to assign.
I would fix it at 3,
For it’s simpler, you see,
Than 3.14159."

"A mathematician named Klein
Thought the Mobius band was divine
Said he: If you glue
The edges of two
You’ll get a weird bottles like mine."

"There once was a student named Trinity
who tried to count to infinity,
but all the digits
would make her figit,
so she switched her studies to divinity."