Our Guide To Coping With The New School Year

29th August 2017

At ConquerMaths.com, we know that the beginning of a new school year is one of the most important and challenging times of the year for parents, teachers and students alike. Students are often overwhelmed by the changes and sheer number of new things to take in and remember; new time tables, new teachers and new topics to get used to.

Not only that but with the recent educational reforms things will seem even more confusing than ever, especially at GCSE level. The change in exam marking from letters to a number system will no doubt be daunting. See our handy guide here on how to understand the new system.

Some students will also be making the transition from primary to secondary school, which is likely to be the biggest upheaval in their academic life since their first day of reception. These students must also learn to navigate a new school and get used to new rules and a whole new set of people. On top of all this, they have unfamiliar topics in maths class to contend with.

When starting new maths topics in the new academic year, students often quickly become aware of gaps in their knowledge which need to be addressed before they can hope to fully understand the new material.

This is not a problem as ConquerMaths.com provides access to all previous topics so students can easily work their way back, and the diagnostic tests can help direct them to the appropriate lessons that will plug those gaps in their knowledge before those gaps become vast chasms.

Utilizing ConquerMaths.com diagnostic tests and doing a review of last year's topics can really make a difference.

After six weeks off, Summer Learning Loss can also make new topics seem extra daunting.

Maths is the worst offender for this, with students losing an average of 2.6 months’ worth of learning over the summer holidays.

Students are often reluctant to admit they are having difficulties in their new maths lessons, so it's important for parents to be as involved as possible with their children's learning! They might not be falling behind in class yet, but this is a crucial time of year, offering the opportunity to nip anxieties and problems in the bud before they properly start. The longer any problems are left unattended, the bigger they will become.

Students who are struggling with, or apprehensive about their new maths lessons should be reassured that despite all the changes at school, ConquerMaths.com will always be there and will be consistently effective 24/7 to support their maths learning throughout the year. 

Students should try to find out from their new maths teacher as soon as possible which topics will be coming up in the new term. Viewing some early lessons from these recommended upcoming topics can help counter the fear of the unknown and increase their confidence. Especially with younger students, it also really helps when parents sit down with their children and work through some lessons together.

Many lucky students will however be feeling pretty confident already, if they have been using ConquerMaths throughout the summer, and this is a great time to ride the wave of that enthusiasm. Parents need to encourage them to continue challenging themselves by viewing new and upcoming ConquerMaths.com topics throughout the year and by continually assessing their own progress using the diagnostic tools and tests.

Overall, parents, should be positive about the new year, provide as much support as possible and encourage the use of ConquerMaths.com throughout the year to boost confidence and reduce stress in maths lessons as much as possible, so the new year should hold little terror. Good Luck everyone!