Announcing The Sad Passing Of The Founder Of, Mrs Valerie Constable

4th August 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the original founder and Managing Director of ConquerMaths Mrs Valerie Constable. Mrs Constable founded ConquerMaths back in 2004 with current managing director Mr Richard Hunter.

Valerie was a pioneer in online education for much of her professional life, and lead the team in Hong Kong which developed the world’s first accredited online university masters degrees working in conjunction with Oxford Brookes way back in 1999.

As a lifelong sufferer of Dyscalculia, Valerie unsurprisingly developed a strong aversion to maths despite being a high achiever in other areas. Her lack of maths ability made her feel ‘stupid’, a sentiment echoed by many ConquerMaths starters!

Despite her passion for education, Valerie would avoid maths like the plague and grew to accept that no amount of instruction would help her understand the subject.

In 2003, Valerie reluctantly watched an early ConquerMaths video. To her utter shock she found that it made sense… maths was actually achievable!

Already a determined and compassionate advocate for social change she immediately realised that if she understood it, then anyone could and so sparked her drive to provide access to the ConquerMaths method to as many students as possible around the world.

Valerie fought breast cancer bravely back in 2010 and went into remission but decided it was time to take a backseat. Accepting the situation with grace she was happy to hand the reins to trusted friend and colleague Richard Hunter, who has managed the post admirably ever since. Whilst remaining on the board of directors, she retained a keen interest and also continued her own ongoing research into mathematical teaching, mastery, dyscalculia and also maths phobia, her own personal interest. She was fascinated by the phenomenon of brain paralysis that causes otherwise intelligent people to freeze and struggle to cope when it comes to maths, and how the method eliminated this fear for so many.

Sadly last year after months of ill health she was finally diagnosed with kidney cancer and after a brave but bitter and all too short battle she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on June 28th.

Valerie was a fantastic champion for educational and social change, she saw no limits to what people could achieve if given access to the right tools, content and teaching methodology. She had an over-riding passion to change the world, and to give people the opportunities that she never had at school. There are millions of people of all ages around the world right now who are confident and unafraid of maths, who will go on to get better jobs, have better management of their own finance through life, and will go through life feeling confident and unashamed because she was brave enough to try that first lesson all those years ago.

Valerie was a trusted leader, visionary online education pioneer and kind and compassionate friend, as well as wife to fellow director Alan Constable and mother to our head of social and print media Claudia Constable. She will be terribly missed by us all but her legacy will live on through ConquerMaths and through the family, friends and colleagues who cared for her so much.