Yasha Asley - The 14 Year Old Boy Genius Tutoring University Students

31st March 2017

A child prodigy has been hired by the University of Leicester to teach mathematics to their adult students – at the age of only 14.

Yasha Asley beat adult applicants to the role with the university when he was just 13 and he was so young that admin staff had to make a special application to the council in order to process his appointment. He is the youngest student at the university as well as obviously being the youngest employee. Alongside his own studies he runs weekly tutorials for adult students who need help solving problems after lectures, and has been already attending the university as a student since he was 12.

Yasha has been a high achiever all his life. Yasha's father Moussa, originally from Iran, says that "He started reading very young and picked up English, French, Arabic and Farsi. He doesn't work that hard at all - he just does the minimum. He was born with a talent."

Arabic numbers.

When he was 8 he passed 2 A-levels in maths and pure maths and became the only child in the country to pass with 99% and 100% respectively. When he was 10 he took another A-level, this time in statistics and received another A. After finishing year 6 at Folville Junior School in Braunstone he went straight to University.

Bruce Wells, head teacher of Folville Junior, was obviously extremely impressed, saying back in 2010:

"Yasha is off the scale, just so far ahead of everyone else. His thinking skills are incredible.

"We've linked him to a professor at a local university to tutor him. He's not just gifted, he's way more than that. The word genius springs to mind." This was when Yasha was only 7 years old! When Yasha passed his A-level he was delighted, although even he hesitated at one of the questions (one!).

Yasha said: "When I looked at the paper, I thought it was going to be easy-peasy. There was one question where I thought, 'How am I going to do this?' before I got the answer. The rest were okay."

When he got his result he says he was “So pleased. I was jumping up and down."

Proud father Moussa 53, who raised him alone at their home in Leicester, said his son had been made very welcome by staff and students alike at the university

Mr Asley, who is happy to be his sons chauffeur said: ‘I am just so proud watching him flourish and grow doing something he loves.

‘He is so good at understanding problems and explaining them in a clear way, he is perfect for the job.’

Labelled as the The Human Calculator” “The Youngest Student Ever” and “The World’s Youngest Professor” Yasha is clearly enjoying himself, saying ‘I love maths because it is an exact science. It is the only science where you can prove what you say is correct. It is so easy and an enjoyable subject to study.”

At ConquerMaths this is what we love to hear – maths may come more easily to unique individuals like Yasha, no one is denying that we can’t all be geniuses, but we truly believe that maths should be and indeed is an enjoyable subject to study.

Yasha is a happy young man who is also very pleased not to have to wear a school uniform anymore, saying “I am having the best years of my life. I love going to university and I love my new job helping other students. No more school uniform for me thank you very much!” – we really hope he’s got himself an awesome tweed jacket – just kidding!

We can’t wait to see what he will do with his amazing talents, and we can’t help but recall other child prodigies such as Terence Tao who was attending university level mathematics courses at the age of 9, and won bronze, silver and gold medals in the International Mathematical Olympiad between the ages of 10 and 13, and remains the youngest ever winner of each medal.

Legendary late mathematician Paul Erdos with Terence Tao (aged 10) in 1988.

Tao went on to receive his bachelor's and master's degrees by 16 and then studied at Princeton University. At 24 he became a full professor at the University Of California and remains the youngest person ever to be promoted to that high position.

It seems UK born Yasha is on track to do as well if not even better than the famous Tao, and with the support of his loving father and the whole of the University of Leicester we think he is destined for great things. Best of luck Yasha, you’re an inspiration to us all.