Recent Feedback

18th January 2017

We’ve enjoyed some more great feedback lately, we couldn’t fit them all in! Thanks for all your great comments, and well done on all your achievements.

“Excellent site! Wow i'm so glad you created this webpage my favourite thing to do in work! So much better then anything else in school work.”

Anonymous , Student, UK

“Love it! Such good quality lessons and such a range of subjects. Really enjoy the idea of the comprehension questions as well. Also love speed skills and the other games! Thanks”

Hope, Student

Thanks Hope, great review!

“I love conquer maths- it has really boosted my confidence in maths. I was in school until year 7, and i was in a low set and not confident. Now i am home schooled and use this and i am so much better and can do hard mathematics quickly, confidently and correctly!”

Ella Arulvasagam, Student, Liskeard

Well done Ella!


Rahul, Student, England

“Amazing! Thanks conquer maths, such a superb website, and it's also something i'm exited to do in my work. Simply explained and easy to understand!”

Maddie, Student, UK

That's great to hear Maddie.

 “I think its great.”

Sam, Student, London

“I think that conquer maths is prefect in every single way what so ever.”

Abdurahman, Student, Luton

We're guessing you meant perfect Abdurahman, so thank you very much.

“I love conquermaths it has really helped me through exams, giving me a+'s and the videos, before each lesson are completely understandable , no one can not understand the videos, they are very clear and show you the easiest way of doing things. It's the best teaching website ever known, i am happy with conquermaths helped me so much, full-time attention, everything listed in a row, easy to read, know what your struggling with. I would recommend it for any struggling child or teenager. 5 out 5 stars sophia yr 7 girl.”

Sophia , Student, Bath

That's brilliant Sophia, well done on your excellent results and thank you for your feedback!

“This is amazing lots to learn from.”

Sabrin, Student, Slough

“Great idea. Love the aussie accent.”

Serena K, Student, Moreton

“Brilliant website, helps me in class a lot!”

Laurent G, Student, London

“I think conquer-maths is amazing. I am really good at maths. Conquer-maths rules!”

Chuko, Student, London

“Love conquer maths........... I'm so glad when i can say i've got 100%!!!!!!!”

Anonymous , Student, UK

It's a great feeling isn't it?!

 “Really good maths programme so far!”

Henry B, Student, Lewes

"I love conquermaths! The narrator is brilliant and the questions are fun"

Katherine, Student, Oxford 

"Amazing website. Could not do math without it now i've been doing it since year 2!"

Brooklyn, Student, UK

Thank you for being such a dedicated member Brooklyn, we're happy to help!

 “So helpful and really easy to understand and work out! Such a help to learn on this site and i hope others enjoy the site. Love conquer maths and wouldn't be able to be at the place i am at in math without it!”

Charlotte, Student, Europe 

That's great Charlotte - don't forget though, you put the work in. You all did!