Maths Riddles November 2016

11th November 2016

Some fiendish ones for you this month... with quite a focus on logic and thinking outside of the box. We hope you enjoy them and try them on your friends and family to get the old grey cells working. 

Question: A girl was ten on her last birthday, and will be twelve on her next birthday. How is this possible?

Answer: Today is her eleventh birthday.

Question: If 1+9+8=1, what is 2+8+9?

Answer: 10, take the first letter of each spelled out number: One+Nine+Eight= ONE so Two+Eight+Nine= TEN

Question: A ladder hangs over the side of a ship anchored in port. The bottom rung of the ladder touches the water. The distance between rungs is 30cm, and the length of the ladder is 270cm. If the tide is rising at a rate of 15cm per hour, how long will it be before the water reaches the top rung?

Answer: The ship will rise with the tide, so the water will always remain level with the first rung.

Question: Use the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 and the symbols (x) and (=) to form a true equation. Note: Each number and symbol is to only be used once and no extra number or symbol is included. (Inspired by Countdown!)

Answer: 64x8=512

Question: A child playing on the beach had 6-1/6 sand piles in one place and 3-1/3 in another. If he put them together, how many sand piles would he have?

Answer: One whole pile.

Challenge: There are 15 sticks below. Remove six sticks and be left with 10.



Question: If two hours ago, it was as long after one o'clock in the afternoon as it was before one o'clock in the morning, what time would it be now?

Answer: Nine o’clock

Question: If I am buying 9 for £1, 18 for £2, 125 for £3, and 1222 for £4, then what am I buying?

Answer: House Numbers. £1 per digit.*