The September Feedback And Reviews Conversation

27th September 2015

We’ve had slightly less feedback this month, undoubtedly due to the recent changes to the website, but the feedback we have got is still excellent as always. Thanks to all of you who let us know how well the program is working for you.

Don’t forget, you can now leave us video feedback,...

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Practice Makes Perfect – Or At Least Very Good!

21st September 2015

David Beckham

Practice makes perfect. It’s a cliché for a reason: because it’s pretty much the truth. The longer you spend practising something, the better you become at it.

Living, as we do, in a world obsessed with numbers – everything can be quantified – it should come as no surprise...

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Warped Disney Maths - How Cruella Can We Be?

20th September 2015

Lately there has been a trend online for re-imagining Disney characters in new and imaginative ways, such as below. 

Disney Princesses as Hipsters.

We love maths and we love movies so we began to wonder if we could so some re-imagining of our own by applying maths to Disney concepts...

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Marjorie Rice - The Most Remarkable Housewife You've Never Heard Of

17th September 2015

In the news last month was the announcement that someone had discovered a new type of pentagonal tiling – we didn’t know a huge amount about the subject but we knew it was one of the numerous ongoing unsolved maths puzzles.

Basically if you can cover a flat surface using only identical...

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September Funnies - Back To School!

12th September 2015

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying being back at school. We know you all love maths, but after a long summer sometimes it's natural to not be 100% ready to go back to regular classes. It's ok, we understand. Even the happiest and most dedicated students (and teachers) can feel daunted...

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Win a Brand New Kindle Fire HD with the ConquerMaths Video Competition!

7th September 2015

ConquerMaths is offering you the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD simply by submitting a short video!

In order to enter our competition to win a Kindle Fire HD all you have to do is film yourself telling us why you love ConquerMaths and how you use it! One lucky winner will be chosen at...

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CM News - Latest Improvements and Accessibility

31st August 2015

After all the excitement of the launch of the new site last month, and all the changes that has brought you’d think we wouldn’t have any news for you this month – but we do!

One of the great benefits to teachers and other administrators when using ConquerMaths is the curriculum designer....

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The August 2015 Feedback And Reviews Conversation

28th August 2015

Hi everyone! As the summer holidays come to a close we are still receiving some great feedback from you, thank you. We would love some more video reviews though – and don’t forget if you submit one you could win a Kindle Fire so don’t be shy! It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production,...

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August 2015 Funnies

25th August 2015

Congratulations to all who received their GCSE and A-level results this month! We hope you got the grades you wanted, particularly in maths! This month we thought we'd go for a results day theme for our monthly collection of funnies. We turned to the genius that is Twitter to find these......

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William The Maths Bear's "Paws For Thought" August 2015

25th August 2015

Hello there Tiny Humans!

Have you had a good summer holiday? I did! To all our students who have now received your A-level and GCSE results – well done, you should be very proud!

I love the exam results days, I know that’s a bit odd but I just really get a kick out of seeing the images...

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Whodunit? Maths Has The Answer

17th August 2015

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, DBE is officially the most successful novelist of all time even after her death in 1976. With over 83 books published in her lifetime - and 66 of those murder mysteries - she has been incredibly popular for 125 years and...

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Ouch! Simple Ways To Prevent Tech Related Repetitive Strain Injuries In Young People

6th August 2015

Last month we wrote about how to minimize your child’s potential for back/neck pain and eye strain due to overuse of technology and incorrect posture and habits. We are an internet based company so we adore technology but we are also aware we have a responsibility to help ensure that the...

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29th July 2015

Hello Tiny Humans!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays after the stress of all the end of year exams!

I’m sure you will all agree that July has also been the most exciting month! With the Pluto New Horizons Fly by and the discovery of the earth-like planet Kepler-452b it...

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Some Brilliant New Features Of Our New Website + Upcoming Competition

29th July 2015

As you may have noticed already ConquerMaths has a brand new website! The shiny new site not only looks great but also includes more features and is easier to navigate and to use. It is more responsive and HTML5 access from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones has improved even...

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The July 2015 Feedback And Reviews Conversation

28th July 2015

We are always pleased when we continue to get lots of great feedback from our students even throughout the summer holidays! Wilson from Derbyshire has got the right idea, well done Wilson! Keeping up with just a few short sessions of ConquerMaths a week during the holidays will save you from...

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