May 2016 Funnies

26th May 2016

Hope you enjoy these maths fails and funnies! Oh dear...

Not quite how it works...

Why was the maths teacher late for class?

He may have got the question wrong, but we love this kid's thinking!


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ConquerMaths And Mastery Learning

22nd May 2016

We have long been aware of how ConquerMaths (CM) is the perfect system to utilise ‘Mastery Learning’ and we would like to share with you what that means exactly, and how.

By definition, Mastery Learning is a method of instruction where the focus is on the role of feedback, and allowing...

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The Eccentric, Staggering Genius Of Dr Claude Shannon

21st May 2016

Have you heard of Dr Claude E Shannon? No? How about binary? Or data transmission? Of course you have… Without Shannon all the amazing technological advances of the last 70 years such as the World Wide Web, smartphones, DVDs etc may never have existed. We may also never have had a patent for...

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April 2016 Puzzler

28th April 2016

Can these negative numbers put on positive spin on your day? Answers in the comments please - lets see who gets it right first!

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William The Maths Bear's Paws For Thought' April 2016 - Celebrity Death In 2016

27th April 2016

Hello Tiny Humans!

*Sigh* Prince, Doris Roberts, Victoria Wood, Alan Rickman, Ronnie Corbett, Terry Wogan, David Bowie, Garry Shandling, Frank Sinatra Jr, George Martin, Harper Lee, Otis Clay… the list goes on. We have lost so many celebrities this year!

As a bear I haven’t lived very...

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April 2016 Feedback - We Listen To You

27th April 2016

Thank you all for your brilliant recent feedback. Don’t forget, if you are studying for your exams with ConquerMaths we want to hear how you got on when you get your results! We are proud of you all, and we are sure you will do well. Some of your comments have been short and sweet, others...

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April 2016 Funnies

27th April 2016

We hope you enjoy these maths funnies and maths fails this month - there's always new ones popping up that eagle eyed maths fans have spotted around the world. We love these, and it just goes to show how many people in the world seem to need to brush up on their maths skills! We particularly...

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CM News - Latest Improvements

26th April 2016

We are excited to announce some significant improvements to the way ConquerMaths works this month.

Parents Area

Parents of students who have a ConquerMaths account with their school can now log in using the new HTML5 interface instead of the existing flash interface. This is the last...

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Review of Ramanujan Biopic - The Man Who Knew Infinity

23rd April 2016

Ramanujan at Cambridge,  centre.

Today is the 96th death anniversary of the genius Srinivasa Ramanujan... We thought it fitting to publish this movie review today.

The latest in the line of mathematically ‘themed’ blockbuster movies is 'The Man Who Knew Infinity'. It tells the story of the...

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How To Improve Your Maths Scores - By Not Doing More Maths!

22nd April 2016

We generally think that to improve academic results, one of the best things to do is to increase the time children spend studying/doing homework. But a recent study suggests that extra-curricular activities such as swimming or dance classes can also be beneficial to children’s academic...

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Network Of Thrones - Using Maths To Identify The Most Important Characters In Game Of Thrones

16th April 2016

Disclaimer: We do not suggest anyone under the age of 18 watch this show.

Anyone who’s ever seen even one episode of the epic HBO fantasy drama ‘Game Of Thrones’ or read any of the book series that it's based on knows that it is, well, complicated. There are so many characters spread...

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BREAKING NEWS - Boffins recalculate Pi to 3.37

1st April 2016

A lengthy study by scientists at the Orbicular Research Institute at the University of Hull has just concluded that Pi is no longer 3.142 (3 d.p.) but is actually exactly 3.37.

The study, which has taken into account such factors as rotational speed of the Earth, the steady geomagnetic...

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March Maths Puzzler

29th March 2016

Can you solve this puzzler? Tell us in the comments below! Let's see who gets it right... 

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The March Feedback And Reviews Conversation

29th March 2016

We enjoyed hearing loads of brilliant feedback from our existing customers at the Education Show, it was lovely to put faces to names! Thank you all so much for taking the time to come and see us on our stand and share your families experiences with ConquerMaths with us.

Our very...

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March 2016 Maths Funnies

28th March 2016

We have a delicious selection of maths fails from around the internet to share with you this month! We understand how easy it is to make mistakes but the more familiar you are with number and your maths skills, the less likely you are to drop clangers like this, and have them end up online!

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