William The Maths Bear's 'Paws For Thought' April 2017

29th March 2017

Hello Tiny Humans!

It fascinates us how many mysteries that mathematics can be instrumental in solving, it seems the possibilities truly are infinite.

Did you know that researchers in the Netherlands have now applied maths to discover how pedestrians in large crowds can walk around...

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Fiendish Maths Riddles April 2017

27th March 2017

We hope you enjoy these mathematically themed riddles, share them with your friends and family to make yourself look like a real brainbox!

How can you make the following true by changing a single line? 5+5+5=550

Add a line to make the first + a 4 545+5=550


When was the last...

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April Funnies 2017

26th March 2017

The mood in ConquerMaths headquarters is cheerful, as we are enjoying the advent of spring in the UK after a long, cold winter! We hope this month's mathematically themed funnies bring a little sunshine to everyone's day!

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Movie Review - Hidden Figures - An Important Film

25th February 2017

Movie reviewed by our very own Claudia Constable:

Hidden figures is an important film. It tells the true story of the remarkable women who overcame the racist and sexist prejudices of the time to be instrumental in some of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century,...

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Maths Funnies February 2017

15th February 2017

Another collection of brilliant mathematical nuggets of humour for you this month. We hope you enjoy them, and share them with your family and friends. You'll look ever so clever! 



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The ConquerMaths - And ConquerComputing - Team At The BETT Show

9th February 2017

The ConquerMaths Team had a fantastic BETT Show, and we were also proud to launch the brand new ConquerComputing; the online resource for primary teachers to support the teaching of computing in schools. ConquerComputing provides lesson plans mapped to the Computing Curriculum and gives...

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William The Maths Bear's 'Paws For Thought' At The BETT Show Spring 2017

8th February 2017

Hello Tiny Humans!

We are back from the BETT Show and I must say, we had a wonderful show! I spent a lot more time on the stand this year, behaving myself like a good bear and the rest of the team were incredibly busy so we don't have so many selfies this year, but here are some of the...

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Spring 2017 Puzzler

23rd January 2017

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Our Evolutionary Number Heritage

19th January 2017

When you’re struggling with maths, and you don’t have the right support, it can really get to you. We’ve spoken to so many people, children and adults, who admit that failure in maths has made them feel stupid all their lives, even when they’re successful in other areas.

Nobody likes...

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The Mystery of The Tesla Hoax

18th January 2017

We recently stumbled upon a fascinating story which incorporates excellent mathematical intuition, frustrated passion, intrigue, deception and the tremendous power of social media.

Last year certain sections of the internet were all a flutter as “long lost” drawings purported to have been...

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Fiendish Maths Riddles Jan 17 - Can You Solve Them?

18th January 2017

We've got some fiendishly difficult maths riddles for you this month, try and solve them before scrolling down for the answer! Do share them with your friends and family and impress them with your giant brains...

Q. Jake weighs half as much as Joe, and John weighs three times as much as...

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Recent Feedback

18th January 2017

We’ve enjoyed some more great feedback lately, we couldn’t fit them all in! Thanks for all your great comments, and well done on all your achievements.

“Excellent site! Wow i'm so glad you created this webpage my favourite thing to do in work! So much better then anything else in school...

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Maths Funnies Spring 2017

18th January 2017

This month we bring you our usual selection of new maths funnies, puns and images. The last two are a tiny bit obscure but we hope you get them and enjoy sharing them with your friends and family! Enjoy!

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13 Fascinating Facts About Friday The 13th

17th January 2017

This year we have already had one Friday the 13th in the first 2 weeks of the year, and this got us thinking about the superstition. Nicknamed ‘the most popular superstition in the Western world’, the fear of Friday the 13th is mysterious, irrational and utterly fascinating. So here's 13...

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The Formula For The Perfect Mince Pie

19th December 2016

It’s one of our favourite times of year for us, and for the team at ConquerMaths HQ Christmas has come early in more ways than one. Firstly the London Science museum has just opened a gorgeous new gallery completely devoted to mathematics, which you can read about in more detail here. We are...

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