December Funnies 2016

28th November 2016

After our usual selection of maths themed funnies this month we thought we'd give you a selection of some of the best and funniest maths themed gifts just in time for Christmas. We haven't provided links to the actual products as we're sure people would rather choose their own deals in terms...

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November 2016 Puzzler

14th November 2016

Let's see who can answer this one first in the comments! 

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Movie Review - The Accountant

11th November 2016

'The Accountant' (rated R, so adults only!) centres on Christian Wolff, a high functioning mathematical savant who is firmly on the autistic spectrum but who is also a fighting machine and seriously dangerous dude. We see him working in a small office giving financial advice to farmers but...

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Maths Riddles November 2016

11th November 2016

Some fiendish ones for you this month... with quite a focus on logic and thinking outside of the box. We hope you enjoy them and try them on your friends and family to get the old grey cells working. 

Question: A girl was ten on her last birthday, and will be twelve on her next birthday....

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William The Maths Bear's Paws For Thought' November 2016

7th November 2016

Hello Tiny Humans!

I recently read about a 13 year old girl in Scotland who was top in her maths class and decided to consult the Scottish government's online careers advice service ‘My World Of Work’.

A statement on the site says “The quiz uses a theory by American psychologist John L...

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November Funnies 2017

2nd November 2016

We've got a great mix of maths funnies for you this month, we hope you enjoy them and share them with your students, friends and family. Let's hope they help break the tension built up from the mock exams!

Next month we will bring you some of the funniest Christmas themed funnies,...

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The Greatest Unsolved Problems In Mathematics and The Prizes For Solving Them Part 1

1st November 2016

Many people don’t realise that mathematics is a dynamic and fluid field which is constantly developing. There are disciplines in mathematics that didn’t exist 10 years ago, and new branches emerge all the time, with new discoveries, theorems and problems evolving.

People also often...

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October 2016 Puzzler

27th September 2016

Another puzzler for you to try - let's see who gets the answer right in the comments first!

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Celebrating 100 Years Of Daylight Saving Time - 9 Fascinating Facts

26th September 2016

This month will mark the 100 year anniversary of the start of Daylight Saving Time in the UK, as the practice was first implemented as the Summer Time Act in 1916! To celebrate the slight confusion that we have shared twice a year for 100 years, we bring you 9 interesting facts about...

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William The Maths Bear's Paws For Thought' October 2016

24th September 2016

Hello Tiny Humans!

I hope everyone enjoyed their first month back at school! If it wasn’t for ConquerMaths I think I would get a bit bored with the summer holidays... not enough maths for me! Although of course, you can find maths everywhere as our June article ‘Playing With Maths In The...

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Scary October Funnies 2016

21st September 2016

Happy October everyone! For a Halloween treat we dug around to find some of the best mathematically themed costumes for you to enjoy, and a few of your usual giggles too. Enjoy!

Classic - Calculator

Baby Calculator!

Cow Pi - eww, gross. 

Haunted Homework - Argh!


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Maths Riddles October 2016

21st September 2016

Some more maths riddles for you to enjoy this autumn, we hope you enjoy them - do try them on your friends and family!

Q: In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long would it take for...

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'Computer In A Skirt' - The Woman Who Mapped Our Path To The Stars

20th September 2016

We are often surprised by how many important stories are forgotten, or are never even told. Everyone has a story of course, and not everyone can share it with the world. But often people’s individual stories become interwoven with the greater narratives of history, their lives...

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Queuing - You're Probably Doing It Wrong.

18th September 2016

A recent study by Visa revealed that British consumers queue for an average of 6.92 minutes a week, and for 18 hours a year, while a similar study estimated we spend even longer at a whopping 169 hours during the average adult lifetime! That’s an awful lot of time to be at the mercy of the...

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September 2016 Puzzler

4th September 2016

You may need Pythagoras for this! Answers in the comments please, let's see who gets it right first...

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