A ConquerMaths Movie Review of Gifted

6th September 2017

Gifted tells the story of precocious maths prodigy, seven year old Mary who has grown up with her Uncle Frank following the suicide of her gifted mathematician mother Diane. He is determined that she have a normal life in a mainstream school and is allowed to be ‘just a kid’ so she doesn’t...

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Some Of The Most Absurd Maths Limericks 2017

4th September 2017

Below is a famous maths limerick from Leigh Mercer, from 1980, it's so neat in it's simplicity and we love it. We thought for a change from riddles this month we'd bring you some classic mathematical limericks from over the years. We hope you enjoy them and they inject a little extra fun...

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September 17 Funnies

29th August 2017

Enjoy some more 'oldies but goodies' to ease you into the new school year!

A mathematician is flying non-stop from London to the Bahamas. The scheduled flying time is nine hours.

Sometime after taking off, the pilot announces that one engine had to be turned off due to mechanical...

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Our Guide To Coping With The New School Year

29th August 2017

At ConquerMaths.com, we know that the beginning of a new school year is one of the most important and challenging times of the year for parents, teachers and students alike. Students are often overwhelmed by the changes and sheer number of new things to take in and remember; new time tables,...

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More Surprising Celebrities Who Love STEM

28th August 2017

Several years ago, we published an article featuring numerous celebrities who either held maths degrees, studied maths at a graduate level or generally had an enthusiasm for maths.

This time we are widening the net and also including famous people who have studied or have a passion for...

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William The Maths Bear's Paws For Thought September 2017

19th August 2017

Hello Tiny Humans,

After the very sad news in our last newsletter and the somewhat serious content of my last column we’re going to go in a slightly different direction this month.

There have been a few instances of celebrities publicly engaging with maths recently – with varying...

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Announcing The Sad Passing Of The Founder Of ConquerMaths.com, Mrs Valerie Constable

4th August 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the original founder and Managing Director of ConquerMaths Mrs Valerie Constable. Mrs Constable founded ConquerMaths back in 2004 with current managing director Mr Richard Hunter.

Valerie was a pioneer in online education for much...

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Summer 2017 Funnies - Old School Simpsons Maths Humour!

25th July 2017

In our early newsletters we were delighted to include all the Simpsons mathematical jokes and references that we knew between us and there were quite a few! We hope you enjoy this selection from the past, there are more where they came from! 

‘Dead Putting Society’

Lisa:  And I'm...

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Summer 17 Old School Funnies

25th July 2017

We hope you enjoy this selection of 'retro' jokes from our very first newsletters ever, we still think the 'oldies' truly are the 'goodies'!

Q: What does the mermaid mathematician wear? 
A: An algae-bra.

The chef instructs his apprentice: "You take two thirds of water, one third of...

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Maths In The Movies

24th July 2017

For older students, stimulating their interest in maths in the wider world can encourage them to view maths as interesting and relevant to them and film can be a great way to demonstrate this. Recently there have been a number of fantastic films released which feature maths in some relevant...

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Learning Styles And ConquerMaths.com - What's Yours?

23rd July 2017

It is now generally accepted that different people learn best in different ways. The ConquerMaths.com lessons are designed to be multi-sensory, accounting for different learning styles and accommodating different types of learners.

Many people have heard about the basic difference between...

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William The Maths Bear's Paws For Thought Summer 2017

23rd July 2017

Hello Tiny Humans!

Some worrying news this month… Just as many maths teachers predicted, following the UK government’s changes to the maths curriculum and the new ‘fat’ GCSE exam the numbers of students choosing to study mathematics at A-level are dropping already.

The Mathematical...

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Your Baby, The Mathematician

22nd July 2017

Maths is one of the essential skills that all children need to learn. ConquerMaths.com lessons start at the age of four, but from the moment your child is born they begin to analyse and explore the world, recognizing the shapes of your facial features and expressions, mastering depth...

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Summer Learning Loss And What To Do About It

17th July 2017

Ah the great summer hols... we all remember those six weeks of bliss. No school, no teachers, no homework... no brain activity? We are already part way into the summer break and it's important to stop and think about whether children are using their break in the best way.

Most of us are...

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May 2017 Puzzler

27th May 2017

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