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We as a family of home educators love conquer maths!!
umm Anisah, Tutor, Birmingham on 17th Mar 2017
I am an 80 yr old who took his degree in mathematics and physics in 1959 and i am now helping my friends grandchildren with their maths both gcse and a level. I find this program absolutely spot on. Before conquermaths i spent ages trawling the net for questions but now they are all easily to hand. Furthermore i can give them assignments straight on to their computers and get comprehensive feedback on their level of industry and achievement. They also appreciate the colourful printouts of their achievements and they totally love getting a certificate now and again. All in all conquermaths has made my life a lot easier and more effective. I hope mechanics will be added to the repertoire for a level at some stage
Geoffrey Broom, Tutor, Durham,UK on 17th Feb 2017
An excellent website. Very thorough in explaining mathematical principles in an easy step by step process, and providing thorough practice at each step. Have used this website on several occasions with students really struggling to understand numeracy and mathematics.
Janice Legrain, Tutor, Peterborough, Cambs. UK on 13th Oct 2016
If i was in the business of making a teaching programme... This would be it! Traditional approach with no "modern, twee" ideas. My students have moved on in leaps and bounds using conquer. Well done to all!
john henry, Tutor, guernsey, ci on 26th Oct 2015
I think it is an excellent site- clear, easy to use and helps to understand difficult topics.
Jo Gusterson, Tutor, Essex on 16th Oct 2015
I am enjoying conquer maths so far but i was wondering why most worksheets have answers with them. Also years 1 to 6 only show lesson summaries and animations. No worksheets.
re: the worksheets are multiple choice so answers are required. There are more answers than questions and where a calculation could lead to an incorrect answer, we've included those too so that it's easier to identify where students have gone wrong. The worksheets use exam style questions and are not so suitable for younger learners which is why key stages 1 and 2 are assessed using adaptive on-screen questions.
Ben, Teacher, Milton Keynes on 20th Sep 2015
I used conquer maths many years ago and it was excellent then but i cannot believe how much progress as been made since. The site is professional and an excellent tool to use to develop your skills and pass your essential exams. Thank you. A pleasure to use x
Shirley, Teacher, Tamworth on 22nd Aug 2015
I like it. My students like it. We all like it because of its clarity of approach, reinforcement activity and the ability to recap of missed opportunity for learning. Well done conquermaths
MICHAEL TURNER, Teacher, MAIDSTONE on 29th Jan 2015
Awesome - i have never been able to take a group of children so far in their maths - allowing them rein to work at independent speeds, thereby not holding bright ones back while helping those who need it
Lindy Wood, Teacher, Newnham Junior School on 5th Dec 2014
Conquer maths is exemplory for every student
adam, Teacher, sl25df on 26th Oct 2014

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