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I am really enjoying the experience and how much progress i have already made at school in using this resource towards my learning i hope i still make these massive improvements in the future thank you
Thomas Harris, Student, Dudley on 6th Mar 2018
:) good for learning easily :)
amna, Student, london on 2nd Mar 2018
I really enjoy conquer maths and it helps me a lot when i do maths at school
AYISHA, Student, WATFORD on 24th Feb 2018
Conquer maths has helped me with my studies very much! Thank you!
Saffa Khatun, Student, Oldham on 22nd Feb 2018
Fantastic gives me a real boost with my maths in year4. Thank you conquer maths. I love i can do extra homework to help me catch up in the class. I like that i can play speed games on my times tables, it really helps me on everything. Keep up the good work conquer maths.
B B, Student, Stockton on 31st Jan 2018
Very good helps with arithmetic papers hats of to conquer math
Mohammed, Student, Middlesbrough on 26th Jan 2018
I appreciate this website as it helps me a lot with maths that i am struggling with. Big thank you!
Thomas.M, Student, newcastle on 19th Dec 2017
Its a really good resource for extra help on maths
hanna hussain , Student, birmingham on 12th Dec 2017
I love conquermaths its amazing
alice ayg 9 , Student, birmingham on 6th Dec 2017
In class if you do no't know something you can just go on conqer maths and just learn what you do not know and then you will just lean that esayly e. G tests sats.
Emaan, Student, london on 1st Dec 2017