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I love this thing thanks alot!!
louis, Student, london on 9th May 2017
I really enjoy conquer maths! Its lots of fun.
sam , Student, Anonymous on 26th Apr 2017
Love this website! Great to learn on.
Jo, Student, Anonymous on 19th Apr 2017
I love conquer maths it has helped me a lot to become an independent maths learner. After doing conquer maths in my tests i get 100%. Without conquer maths i would never be where i am right now. I would recommend this to anyone age 4-18.
Melat, Student, London on 14th Apr 2017
Brilliant, it really allows me to use my full potential with well thought out and explained lessons. Really enjoying my experience of it.
Chris Moore, Student, Hungerford on 13th Apr 2017
Love it!
Anonymous! , Student, Anonymous on 28th Mar 2017
I love conquer maths! It is a fun and interactive way to learn and receive homework from your teachers. Carry on helping us learn! :]
fatimah, Student, london on 4th Mar 2017
It really helps me catch up at school and i feel more confident than before joining. I thank my parents for giving me this.
Mic Chung, Student, Warwick on 22nd Feb 2017
Great site! I hated math loads now i love it
Ananoymous , Student, euroupe on 14th Feb 2017
I think that this website is very useful. Not only can you do homework on there you can also go over stuff like going and having another try at homework or you can search for stuff and do math questions. Kind regards lara.
LARA OLIVIA EATON, Student, birmingham smethwick on 13th Feb 2017