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Great help! Sometimes i felt i want to give up!! But conquer maths has helped me achieve and progress at my own level and pace.
Amelia, Student, Thames Ditton ,UK on 3rd Jul 2017
I love conquer maths!!!!!!! It is really fun and easy i really enjoy doing the lessons and getting the awards
Esther, Student, Middlesbrough on 13th Jun 2017
It is very good and really helps me learn. I think the speed skills are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samuel Coll, Student, Karmiel on 6th Jun 2017
Thank you so much conquer maths you helped me get through my sats and im pretty sure i got a good score ill continue to use conquer maths in the future ☺
Person, Student, Derby on 29th May 2017
Its very good and i am learning alot. I enjoy how you do the lesson and the video.
Samuel Coll, Student, Karmiel on 29th May 2017
I love this thing thanks alot!!
louis, Student, london on 9th May 2017
I really enjoy conquer maths! Its lots of fun.
sam , Student, Anonymous on 26th Apr 2017
Love this website! Great to learn on.
Jo, Student, Anonymous on 19th Apr 2017
I love conquer maths it has helped me a lot to become an independent maths learner. After doing conquer maths in my tests i get 100%. Without conquer maths i would never be where i am right now. I would recommend this to anyone age 4-18.
Melat, Student, London on 14th Apr 2017
Brilliant, it really allows me to use my full potential with well thought out and explained lessons. Really enjoying my experience of it.
Chris Moore, Student, Hungerford on 13th Apr 2017