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My son enjoys conquermaths. As a homeschooler this has been great for us, if it wasn't for this program maths would have been hard for me to teach.
Alima, Parent, london on 14th Aug 2017
Daniel, Parent, Immingham on 21st Jul 2017
Firstly, there are not enough stars to show how good this product is. I have 2 children, 10 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son. At the beginning of this academic year, we had a parents evening and found out that my daughter was below average in maths, which, we were not happy about. So, we looked on the net to find an application to help her. We found conquer maths and thought we would give it a go, so glad we did. Okay, my daughter has put a lot of work in, going over the year 5 and year 6 curriculum, doing tests every day to keep here refreshed. She is in her final year of primary school and we had a parents evening last week. She is now, in the top group in maths and was told best in her year. The teacher even joked that when he goes to teach a new subject in maths, my daughter already knows how to do them. It is definitely worth the money, just to see how much she enjoys maths and so confident, which helps.
Darren, Parent, Aber on 23rd Feb 2017
This programme is absolutely brilliant , at present i am home schooling my son who was really struggling to keep up in school. This programme explains and gives examples which the child can follow and can retake the small or large tests a number of times. My son loves this programme and we [print of his certificates to keep in his file. He can go at his own pace and the only targets he needs to concentrate on is his own rather than keeping up with "what is considered the normal level for his age " thank you conquer maths for a truly great programme..........
mandy potts, Parent, essex on 21st Feb 2017
Only used it a day so far but am very impressed with the quality of the lessons, the diagnostic testing and the records it keeps
Donna Dickinson, Parent, Lydney on 7th Feb 2017
How refreshing to have maths explained from the basics and teaches you the concepts to help your confidence grow with maths so you can challenge the advanced maths questions.
Nicola, Parent, Doncaster on 1st Feb 2017
Very impressed so far, thanks conquer maths, i think we have just found a brilliant solution to helping my kids with maths.
Vicki Uniacke, Parent, Lymington on 5th Oct 2016
Love it
JESSICA, Parent, LALAY ROAD on 29th Sep 2016
Conquer maths was a real life line to our daughter who had the dreadful experience of a non specialist teaching maths. As well as using it at home she used it in school to replace one of her lessons(humanities). Along with a tutor part way through year 11 she has successfully achieved the needed c grade at gcse -thanks she has conquered!
JRW, Parent, UK on 12th Sep 2016
Big fans of conquer maths. As a home educator this is vital for me as my children love to log in and do their lessons. It gives them insependance and confidence to learn. They are doing so well how the lessons are explained is really easy, short and to the point. Keep us the good work.
Joanne, Parent, Uk on 5th May 2016