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I like the new layout of your programme, it is very good. I am enjoying the lessons. It sometimes it gets a bit infuriating because sometimes it gets a bit hard and sometimes it's just me. Thank you for the programme nathaniel
nathaniel, Student, home on 3rd Apr 2016
I really like conquermaths. The videos are clear, entertaining and easy to follow.
Matthew B, Student, Lincoln on 16th Mar 2016
I love conquer maths as it is easier for me to do my maths homework also it is really fun!
Chloe Hulbert, Student, reading ,united kingdom on 1st Mar 2016
Since i started conquer maths, i've been the best at maths in my class
Daniel Antat, Student, UK,United Kingdom on 20th Feb 2016
Conquermaths is gggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really should make conquer history of conquer science.
Hanniel, Student, Romford on 10th Feb 2016
I was seriously considering throwing in the towel homeschooling my large family because of the time-consuming/frustrating subject of maths (getting them to do it was like pulling teeth, it took forever, loads of correcting, etc. ) conquermaths has been a god-send! And to top it off: they now *love* maths!!
Elizabeth Forrester, Parent, Cornwall, UK on 5th Feb 2016
My 9 year old daughter has worked on conquermaths for 2 years. She has just completed a scholars programme with kings college, university of london working at 4 years above her expected level in mathematics and gained a 1st. I know this was achieved through the time and hard work she has done on conquermaths.
Terry, Parent, Isle of Wight on 3rd Feb 2016
Conquer maths i great, it has helped me pass an entrance exam for a school. I think everyone should use it, as it really helps build your knowledge and understanding of maths.
Aiyana, Student, london on 3rd Feb 2016
Maths is now my favourite subject!!
luga evangelou, Student, london on 28th Jan 2016
Conquer maths has really helped me with my maths i love it thank you :) ;) :)
Danny, Student, Kent.UK.Europe.The World on 19th Jan 2016

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