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I love conquermaths its great! I am in year 3, nearly.
Anonyoumous, Student, Anonyoumous on 19th Jan 2016
Very useful
john, Adult Learner, smith on 9th Jan 2016
Your lesson on diagnostic maths is very encouraging. More cultural base resources that reflex different cultural values can be introduced.
Odebode David Oluwagbemiga, Student, Bolton University on 9th Jan 2016
Brilliant program. Thanks. Great value too. We are homeschoolers in england and this helps no end. The girls are also enthusiastic as they love the australian accent ;) i recommend this to other homeschoolers i meet.
Natalie, Parent, UK on 4th Jan 2016
I am enjoying conquer maths because it helps me learn and get better at my maths.
India Davis, Student, London on 31st Dec 2015
The programme helped by daughter. The online tutoring was excellent.
linda Carter, Parent, Barbados on 14th Dec 2015
kevin, Student, UK on 13th Dec 2015
This website is sooooooooooooooo good
Chiamaka, Student, Ruislip on 12th Dec 2015
Best for learning maths, this is the world best website to get better at maths or practice your skills before you go to a test
Sanjay.k, Student, United Kingdom on 10th Dec 2015
Great start, 1st time using conquermaths for tamilore.
ladipo, Parent, eastlondon on 23rd Nov 2015

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