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Conquer maths is the best in the world
joshua, Student, swindon on 24th May 2016
Able to learn at my own pace easy to understand video instructions
malcolm davies, Adult Learner, skelmersdale on 19th May 2016
I think this is good and i will have my grand son to be a part of this
Eunettie Glinton, Adult Learner, Turks and caicos island on 12th May 2016
Big fans of conquer maths. As a home educator this is vital for me as my children love to log in and do their lessons. It gives them insependance and confidence to learn. They are doing so well how the lessons are explained is really easy, short and to the point. Keep us the good work.
Joanne, Parent, Uk on 5th May 2016
My son enjoys these and always wants to do more whenever we do a session. I think they are easy to follow and well explained.
Lynda Brown, Parent, Witton Gilbert on 5th May 2016
Is a good website
scott wood, Student, school on 26th Apr 2016
Conquer maths has really improved my understanding of maths and i have defiantly improved due to the clear explanations in the videos.
Susannah , Student, London on 25th Apr 2016
I think conqer maths is great!!!!! Because i have learned a lot as as having a whole lot of fun
BB, Student, tower hamlets (bow) on 25th Apr 2016
Conquer maths is the best! But my only regret is that their should be more settings and i mean that their should more features.
Jacob ravon, , U.K. on 19th Apr 2016
I like conquermaths because the questions are so cool!!!!!!!!
Luqman, Student, London on 19th Apr 2016