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I love it
joshua owusu banahene, Student, Swindon on 19th Jul 2016
Hi i am danny and i think you should change your sign to a kangaroo using a calculator. Thanks,(from) danny. P. S. (it's just a thought maybe a koala. )
Danny, Student, 198 st john's road on 11th Jul 2016
Conquer maths has helped me a lot by improving my learning and i would like to thank the creators of this site
Tinashe, Student, Doncaster on 14th Jun 2016
Hi! I love conquer maths because the videos explain things properly,and in good detail, you do not get maths explained in this much detail in school! 5 stars! * * * * *
Zakiyah, Student, UK on 11th Jun 2016
I love conquer maths it the best ive ever heard of
joshua, Student, swindon on 8th Jun 2016
Conquer maths is helpful to show what i have learnt.
Asha Mistry, , Uk on 6th Jun 2016
I love it, and enjoy it. I don't like it when i get things wrong and would like a chance to correct myself. Isabella
Isabella Nix, Student, Witton Gilbert on 5th Jun 2016
I love it and i love maths. Hayden
hayden nix, Student, witton gilbert on 5th Jun 2016
I love conquer maths but i only come on this site to test myself on ks 3 maths even though i am in year 4 but still i love conquer maths and i recommend this site to everyone.
Gurjas, Student, Wolverhamton on 28th May 2016
I enjoy it a lot
Rebecca, Student, Uk on 25th May 2016