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So delighted with this wonderful website!
Hannie, Student, Uk on 26th Oct 2016
A website with a whole lot of good things to learn on! Conquer maths is something that i am really glad i do. It's helped so much and is lots of fun to do! I especially enjoy speedskills! Thank you loads for an exellent website.
Rebecca , Student, Uk on 21st Oct 2016
I really enjoy conquer maths as i think it's a lot more fun then writing on sheets! I also like the way the questions are set out. It is hard sometimes but has boosted my confidence in some subjects math.......
Alice , Student, UK on 21st Oct 2016
A great site to learn by. I have found it challenging but also good achievement!
Becky , Student, Europe on 20th Oct 2016
It is very challenging sometimes but it's a good way to learn. Its a great website if your struggling with math!
Becca , Student, Uk on 18th Oct 2016
I hated maths now i love it!!!!!!
zaynab, Student, Oxfordshire on 17th Oct 2016
Very helpful and beneficial to me and other students
James Horn, Student, Southampton on 17th Oct 2016
Thank you for all of the encouragement and teaching me new things that i didn't know about. You are one of the best teacher's apart from my mum. I fell more confident than i was before and now i feel like i can answer any question in a second.
levonte, Student, London on 15th Oct 2016
An excellent website. Very thorough in explaining mathematical principles in an easy step by step process, and providing thorough practice at each step. Have used this website on several occasions with students really struggling to understand numeracy and mathematics.
Janice Legrain, Tutor, Peterborough, Cambs. UK on 13th Oct 2016
This was my first time using conquer maths i really enjoyed it and i will play it every day and week
tayanne, Student, home on 11th Oct 2016