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Excellent site! Wow i'm so glad you created this webpage my favourite thing to do in work! So much better then anything else in school work.
Anonymous , Student, United Kingdom on 14th Nov 2016
Love conquer math........... I'm so glad when i can say i've got 💯!!!!!!!
Anonymous , Student, Uk on 11th Nov 2016
So helpful and really easy to understand and work out! Such a help to learn on this site and i hope others enjoy the site. Love conquer maths and wouldn't be able to be at the place i am at in math without it!
Charlotte , Student, Europe on 11th Nov 2016
Very good
betany, Student, essex on 11th Nov 2016
It is fun and you get to choose what you in your school day yours sincerly gethin pollard
Gethin, Student, cornwell: chipingnorton on 10th Nov 2016
Helped me and is a useful website if you're in trouble with math. Thank you for conquer maths it's definitely a good website to use!
Anonymous , Student, Uk on 9th Nov 2016
Conquer maths really helps me excel in maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANOMYNOUS, Student, Caribbean on 6th Nov 2016
I love it! My only advice would be to recommend you make the sign in page easier to access although i must say there is a fine line between what you have here and perfection.
Danny, Student, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Uk. on 3rd Nov 2016
Speed skills has always cheered me up.
Amelia,8 , Student, Thames Ditton ,UK on 3rd Nov 2016
I really didn't like maths. Conquer maths has really helped me gain some skills. I love speed skills
Amelia Dinsdale, Student, Thames Ditton on 3rd Nov 2016