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Great site! I hated math loads now i love it
Ananoymous , Student, euroupe on 14th Feb 2017
I think that this website is very useful. Not only can you do homework on there you can also go over stuff like going and having another try at homework or you can search for stuff and do math questions. Kind regards lara.
LARA OLIVIA EATON, Student, birmingham smethwick on 13th Feb 2017
Only used it a day so far but am very impressed with the quality of the lessons, the diagnostic testing and the records it keeps
Donna Dickinson, Parent, Lydney on 7th Feb 2017
I really like this.
tasnim, Student, manchester on 4th Feb 2017
How refreshing to have maths explained from the basics and teaches you the concepts to help your confidence grow with maths so you can challenge the advanced maths questions.
Nicola, Parent, Doncaster on 1st Feb 2017
This website is amazing, the teaching is amazing and really helps me engage in fun lessons, it also helped me achieve an a in my mock in maths. Thank you conquer maths. Laurent
Laurent Gerxhalija, Student, London on 28th Jan 2017
I passed my maths exams with a* thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
jhon, Student, london on 25th Jan 2017
Conquer maths is very beneficial site for maths you understand the topics better
Khaled, Student, Wellingborough on 16th Jan 2017
It is really helpful and i recomend it to everyone!!!! There are videos that explain what you are doing then there are questions.
Anya Linsky, Student, Sheffield,England on 12th Jan 2017
I think its great
sam, Student, london on 9th Jan 2017