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My kids are really enjoying this program, they are learning a lot and they love being rewarded.
Sherella Johnson, Parent, n15 6nf on 25th Nov 2014
My girls actually enjoy maths now and love the australian accent ;o) thank you!
The Lovely Jules, Parent, England on 24th Nov 2014
An amazing program. The children look forward to their lessons
Steve, Parent, England on 13th Nov 2014
I love conquer maths. It makes home schooling with my 10 year old possible. The lea were impressed with the course and the fact that i have records of what she studied and when.
Stephanie Cavendish, Parent, Gloucester, UK on 11th Nov 2014
Excellent service, helps me keep up top date with my childs homework.
Mohammad Asif, Parent, Oldham on 9th Nov 2014
Been doing yr 5 capacity. My son and i think that the questions regaring capacity of laundry tub, fuel tank and orange juice are too subjective.
Marina Dodgson, Parent, Newcastle on 7th Nov 2014
Brilliant. It has enabled my daughter to improve independently, without feeling scrutinised by adults. She is doing amazingly well. Loves the certificates.
Rachael Nicholson, Parent, Sutton on 23rd Oct 2014
Thank you so much conquermaths its a great & wonderful site i really recomend to any one my son is the highest one in his class with out u is not going to happen thank u again!!!
Eden, Parent, UK on 5th Oct 2014
This is a good program. However, i think review papers once the child have covered the year would be also beneficial
Linda, Parent, Barbados on 30th Aug 2014
First day i can see how this is going to work so well for both me and my children. I hope that using a little every day my children will soon move to the top of the class. Wish you had a lesson in english too.
Graham Nash, Parent, Ashford Kent on 22nd Aug 2014