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Thank you everyone!
Jan, Student, London on 1st Sep 2006
Conquermaths has been amazing. I certainly couldn't have passed my entry exam to enable me to become a teacher without. All the lessons were so easy to follow and grasped concepts so quickly. Many thanks to all involved... Well done!!!!!
Julie Liddle, Teacher Training, South Tyneside on 30th Aug 2006
A very useful resource for teachers particularly nqts like me who want to perfect pace in delivery. It would help though if there is a content list on the package that informs areas covered.
reply: the full contents can be found here.
Ben Okerulu, Teacher, Enfield on 27th Aug 2006
Highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with maths - parents and children alike. Has made a huge difference to the confidence with which we approach maths!
deborah barker, Parent, sussex on 25th Aug 2006
I will definitely invite others to subscribe to conquer maths. My children are benefiting from it and it enabled me in passing that seemingly invincible skills test for teachers. Conquer maths certainly assisted me in conquering that test. My son is special needs and he learns by seeing everything unfolds and explained in front of his eyes. That gives him the confidence to try for himself. Many thanks to the experts who are helping us through this medium.
Vickie Johnson, Teacher, Cheshunt on 24th Aug 2006
Conquers math assisted me in passing my police exam, and since that time, i have informed others of this site, and it has been incorporated in a canadian classroom and a classroom in britain.... It is an excellent site for development....
Jason Tadeson, Adult Student, Canada on 23rd Aug 2006
This programme makes understanding maths far more enjoyable and has eliminated the stomach churning fear i remembered at school. The tutors easy to understand and relaxed manner has made maths a joy. I would definately recommend this programme.
Nathalie Duncan, Parent, London on 23rd Aug 2006
This is brilliant! My daughter started home education earlier this year and really struggled with maths at junior school but not now. She finds the lessons very easy to understand and enjoys working through the programme and it takes the pressure of us as parents. Well done!!!
Colin Ellis, Parent, North Yorkshire on 19th Aug 2006
Great value for money
Andrea, Teacher, Surrey on 19th Aug 2006
Great way to learn and prepare for gcse would recomend for all ages and to everyone!!!
sean, Student, poole dorset on 13th Aug 2006