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Love this site!! Thanks 4 the help im rly conquering maths! X
Kelly Corbin, Student, Ringwood on 11th Oct 2006
I think you may just save my life. Maths and my ignorance of it has blighted my life. Between us i am hopeful i can conquer maths. Watch this space!
Fenn Annie, Student, Leeds on 11th Oct 2006
It is really a very helpful maths resource for all students. Our students at pearl valley public school & college rawalakot ajk -pakistan are also taking full advantage of this online tutor who is aviable round the clock every where. We appreciate the efforts of all people who are working hard behind it.
Naseer Iqbal, Teacher, Pakistan on 10th Oct 2006
A great and novel way to brush up your maths skills. You can study at a time that suites you and in the confort of your own home. I was worried about an exam i have to take in december for promotion at work not any more.
david greener, Student, hampshire on 9th Oct 2006
My son has just been introduced to this site via his school. He is due to take gcse mocks next month and it will be very useful additional revision with instant response to questions so one can check mistakes very easily and hopefully learn from mistakes. Also very good for me, as an adult, to test my retention of maths since my school day. S
Katie, Parent, south yorkshire on 5th Oct 2006
I think that this web site is really good
amber, Student, 45/dj on 2nd Oct 2006
It really helped me revise for my year 9 sats. You should try it too
Jasmine McGough, Student, middlesbrough on 28th Sep 2006
My daughter, rhea, contacted you a few weeks ago to let you know that she did achieve an a for her gcse maths... Thanks to conquermaths team. However, earlier on this week herself and other maths students had to sit a further maths test before being allowed to go on to study a level maths... She heard yesterday that she had passed and we both feel sure that this has all been due to the help that this site gave her in the build up to her gcse's. Well done to all the team and a big thank you from a very proud mum!!!
Ms Barker, Parent, Surrey, UK on 23rd Sep 2006
Im home taught and i use this 4 my maths and i have learnt so much!
Jasmin Pryke, Student, essexs on 22nd Sep 2006
I got to be honest, when i first heard of this site i thought nothing can beat an actual tutor although i have now been proved wrong. This site goes through every step for everything that you need to know. Its ace. I find it much easier to learn using this site and i have found that my work has improved alot thank you so much
ANIL, Student, LONDON on 13th Sep 2006