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My son has been following your programme in preparation for the royal navy recruitment tests. Maths had always been his weak area and in april this year, he failed the test due to his maths being slightly below par. He has followed the conquermaths programme for 4 months and has during that time, realised that he can actually do maths! The instruction has been excellent. This morning he sat and passed his recruitment test - many thanks to the conquer maths team.
Steve challinor, Parent, UK on 6th Nov 2006
The best teacher i ever had. Big thanks
ugur soylu, Student, UK on 3rd Nov 2006
I absolutly love conquer maths, the aussie is great. This is good
Peter wall, Student, halesowen on 30th Oct 2006
For the few tutorials i have completed i have found them very usful and have completed the worksheets with good resutlts
Elizabeth Thorpe, Student, south shields on 29th Oct 2006
I thought i would need to use other revision materials alongside conquermaths, i was wrong! I have a bsc (hons) and a phd and would say that i am used to all forms of teaching, including the use of online e-learning. However, i can state with confidence that i have never encountered such a complete learning tool. I am happy to give my full endorsement to this product.
Terry Robinson, Adult Student, Hampshire, UK on 27th Oct 2006
This is a great site. It is so explanitory its the best.
Hannah Salmon, Student, on 27th Oct 2006
Uncluttered finely focused lessons delivered in achievable ‘chunks’. The relaxed tone and gentle pace of the voicing keeps a relaxed atmosphere in which the pupil senses no frustration or anxiety with the tutor
Marie Hindmarch, Teacher, North Tyneside, UK on 27th Oct 2006
There are tips within conquermaths that i was unaware of and they really do work and make revision fun... ... I never recommend any software in case i run the risk of putting people on the wrong track but i will make an exception with your software.
T. Campbell, Adult Student, UK on 27th Oct 2006
The tutor explains concepts and demonstrates processes with a relaxed and easy to understand delivery. An excellent resource that makes difficult concepts easy to grasp.
Phil Holden, Teacher, Morpeth, UK on 27th Oct 2006
My daughter and i are thrilled to have such a knowledge database at our fingertips
ahedanala, Teacher, on 26th Oct 2006