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There are tips within conquermaths that i was unaware of and they really do work and make revision fun... ... I never recommend any software in case i run the risk of putting people on the wrong track but i will make an exception with your software.
T. Campbell, Adult Student, UK on 27th Oct 2006
The tutor explains concepts and demonstrates processes with a relaxed and easy to understand delivery. An excellent resource that makes difficult concepts easy to grasp.
Phil Holden, Teacher, Morpeth, UK on 27th Oct 2006
My daughter and i are thrilled to have such a knowledge database at our fingertips
ahedanala, Teacher, on 26th Oct 2006
Ooo its terrific, i dont know how i managed in life until i found this
sam winterflood, Student, on 26th Oct 2006
Very good way to revise and learn from. I have learned equations i would never been able to have done. Aaa***!
Darren Firman, Student, Halesowen on 25th Oct 2006
Is really good, helps with alot of things and explains it all clearly..
Andy, Student, Essex on 22nd Oct 2006
Nice site, has helped me with most of my maths, its the same thing that a tutor would do, but you only pay once n use it again n again, better than paying 20 each time u work with tutor
waqas hussain, Student, chelmsford on 21st Oct 2006
My daughter and i are so pleased to have found this site. Its great! It is really helping us to cover the work required for her maths gcse, and we are both thoroughly enjoying using the programme. For the first time, my daughter really feels that she is beginning to understand what she is learning and is gaining more confidence every day.
Sue, Home Educator, Warwick on 18th Oct 2006
This website is good. It might make my maths skills better. Well done on a great site.
Charles Sammut, Student, braintree on 14th Oct 2006
It is such a good site. I have learned so much! Thank u so much
Anonymous, Student, on 13th Oct 2006