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It took me ages to finally come and log into this site plus i thought that nothing. I have so far just wondered the sight but from the looks of it i think that i can achieve my minimum target grade. I now feel more confident even thought i have not compleated any lessons yet. I have faith that this sight will help me. Thank you
cm, Student, enfiled on 30th Nov 2006
This site really helped me revise for my maths gcse exam and i like it alot
Charlotte, Student, Darlington on 27th Nov 2006
I love maths! It was great fun and worth going on. I will deffinately go on this again in my spare time.
gareth mitchell, Student, tetcott on 24th Nov 2006
My son now spends an hour every day doing the exercises and finds it very useful. The lecturers are very easy to follow
Gohil, Parent, North London on 23rd Nov 2006
It is good and not boring!!! Cheers
jim, student, london on 23rd Nov 2006
I would lke to say that mathamatical maths tutor helps alot of people with maths and it especially helps me that is all (from brianna woolleygrade 5 )
brianna woolley, Student, austrailia on 23rd Nov 2006
I think that the site is very good and that i will get my grade up to a c grade i like the way that they read it out to you and then you can understand it properly from charley
C Bedford, Student, on 22nd Nov 2006
Dis iz sum sikk website. It helped me understand soo much compared to all my maths lessons. I have catched up so much during this month of my gcse
HAQUE Hasna, Student, Enfield on 21st Nov 2006
The best maths software available. Its made a massive difference to our pupils confidence. They are now achieving better results. This software has so many benefits to everyone; students, parents, teachers. ** every school should be using it ** ** it should be compulsory **
Acklam Grange, Teacher, UK on 20th Nov 2006
Very good site, extremly good for revision and clearly shows methods.
Aran, Student, Braintree on 16th Nov 2006