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I think that conquer maths is a very good progam. The tutor explains very well. Amy yr9
amy, Student, ********** on 13th Nov 2006
I would like to make a notice about this website. I find it very easy to use and to understand as it explains things very easily for me. I have been having a hard time in school recently with an illness and so i am taken out of lessons but while i am out of my lessons i tend to go onto a computer and go on conquer maths to catch up on my maths work. I find it fun to go on! I enjoy learning maths now even though i am still ill. I am very grateful that this site has been provided because now i can learn even when i am not in school. I would like to take this moment to thank conquer maths for being created and that it always available when you need it most. Thank you!
lottie elvin, Student, Learning Support - Idsall School - Shifnal - Shropshire - Englan on 13th Nov 2006
Hello thankyou this sites cool teaches you alot to revise and think about i hope i do well tomarrow on my exam thanks again xxxx
louise, Student, essex on 12th Nov 2006
I think it would be very helpful if the sums you got wrong where shown and where the mistake is so you wont make the same mistake again and not just come up as a yellow mark on the screen
Fergus Lennon, Student, Ireland on 10th Nov 2006
This site is amazin thanx
George Grimmer, Student, on 10th Nov 2006
This site rocks, the australian guy is a legend
Ben, Student, on 10th Nov 2006
I got 5 a* in my gcse and i and going on to sixth form now have fun with this site lol bye bye 4 nowxxx
katie, Student, wrekin on 8th Nov 2006
I like this website but if u were a little more specific it would be unbelievable
pupil1, Student, chafford hundered campus on 7th Nov 2006
My son has been following your programme in preparation for the royal navy recruitment tests. Maths had always been his weak area and in april this year, he failed the test due to his maths being slightly below par. He has followed the conquermaths programme for 4 months and has during that time, realised that he can actually do maths! The instruction has been excellent. This morning he sat and passed his recruitment test - many thanks to the conquer maths team.
Steve challinor, Parent, UK on 6th Nov 2006
The best teacher i ever had. Big thanks
ugur soylu, Student, UK on 3rd Nov 2006