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I think that the site is very good and that i will get my grade up to a c grade i like the way that they read it out to you and then you can understand it properly from charley
C Bedford, Student, on 22nd Nov 2006
Dis iz sum sikk website. It helped me understand soo much compared to all my maths lessons. I have catched up so much during this month of my gcse
HAQUE Hasna, Student, Enfield on 21st Nov 2006
The best maths software available. Its made a massive difference to our pupils confidence. They are now achieving better results. This software has so many benefits to everyone; students, parents, teachers. ** every school should be using it ** ** it should be compulsory **
Acklam Grange, Teacher, UK on 20th Nov 2006
Very good site, extremly good for revision and clearly shows methods.
Aran, Student, Braintree on 16th Nov 2006
I am a y7 and this website helps me with my maths
lucy, Student, acklam on 15th Nov 2006
It really helped me with my revision for my gcse mocks!! Thank you!! :-)
name_less, Student, surrey on 14th Nov 2006
Wot fun i am having at this... Fantastic site... Cant wait for the next installment
me, Student, the earls on 14th Nov 2006
I think that conquer maths is a very good progam. The tutor explains very well. Amy yr9
amy, Student, ********** on 13th Nov 2006
I would like to make a notice about this website. I find it very easy to use and to understand as it explains things very easily for me. I have been having a hard time in school recently with an illness and so i am taken out of lessons but while i am out of my lessons i tend to go onto a computer and go on conquer maths to catch up on my maths work. I find it fun to go on! I enjoy learning maths now even though i am still ill. I am very grateful that this site has been provided because now i can learn even when i am not in school. I would like to take this moment to thank conquer maths for being created and that it always available when you need it most. Thank you!
lottie elvin, Student, Learning Support - Idsall School - Shifnal - Shropshire - Englan on 13th Nov 2006
Hello thankyou this sites cool teaches you alot to revise and think about i hope i do well tomarrow on my exam thanks again xxxx
louise, Student, essex on 12th Nov 2006