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We use conquermaths for our home school. My year 1 child took a little while to get used to it, but it helped that he could listen to the questions as well as read them. Now he is passing his tests with flying colours and is almost ready to move onto year 2. I love the fact that there are no distracting and dodgy characters and music! Keep up the great work!
Wendy Forrester, Teacher, Nottingham, UK on 27th Apr 2017
I really enjoy conquer maths! Its lots of fun.
sam , Student, Anonymous on 26th Apr 2017
Love this website! Great to learn on.
Jo, Student, Anonymous on 19th Apr 2017
I love conquer maths it has helped me a lot to become an independent maths learner. After doing conquer maths in my tests i get 100%. Without conquer maths i would never be where i am right now. I would recommend this to anyone age 4-18.
Melat, Student, London on 14th Apr 2017
Brilliant, it really allows me to use my full potential with well thought out and explained lessons. Really enjoying my experience of it.
Chris Moore, Student, Hungerford on 13th Apr 2017
Love it!
Anonymous! , Student, Anonymous on 28th Mar 2017
We as a family of home educators love conquer maths!!
umm Anisah, Tutor, Birmingham on 17th Mar 2017
I love conquer maths! It is a fun and interactive way to learn and receive homework from your teachers. Carry on helping us learn! :]
fatimah, Student, london on 4th Mar 2017
Firstly, there are not enough stars to show how good this product is. I have 2 children, 10 yr old daughter and 7 yr old son. At the beginning of this academic year, we had a parents evening and found out that my daughter was below average in maths, which, we were not happy about. So, we looked on the net to find an application to help her. We found conquer maths and thought we would give it a go, so glad we did. Okay, my daughter has put a lot of work in, going over the year 5 and year 6 curriculum, doing tests every day to keep here refreshed. She is in her final year of primary school and we had a parents evening last week. She is now, in the top group in maths and was told best in her year. The teacher even joked that when he goes to teach a new subject in maths, my daughter already knows how to do them. It is definitely worth the money, just to see how much she enjoys maths and so confident, which helps.
Darren, Parent, Aber on 23rd Feb 2017
It really helps me catch up at school and i feel more confident than before joining. I thank my parents for giving me this.
Mic Chung, Student, Warwick on 22nd Feb 2017